Thursday, 18 October 2007

Being an elf

Sewed up three of those napkins last night...

I'm really pleased with them - I just love this fabric as it has a really vintage feel, even down to the way the fabric handles. This is really really soft, unlike some quilting weight cottons I've been using recently. I'm just not sure how to convey how lovely this fabric really is when I list them in my shop.

The other three are to be finished tomorrow as I feel too weary to set up the maching tonight - knitting for me this evening, I think, or some handsewing. Maybe a ball dress for my daughter's Ariel (the little mermaid) doll, as she tends to go naked when she becomes a human and removes her tail.

I am so pleased with these recent finds. The first one is from the simplicity archive and has some fantastic clothes for baby dolls. I particularly like the red dress with the frilled neckline and the blue bonnet. The other one is for fashion dolls and has a reall 80s feel! The plan is to spend a few evenings running up a few bits and pieces like one of Santa's elves, so that I have a few things ready to wrap up in December. I know my mother used to do this for my sister and I when we were little and we never twigged, despite the fact that we'd seen our mother making dresses for us in identical fabrics to the dolls' clothes!

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