Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Fun and games

Had a lovely couple of days with the children. Yesterday was painting day - the first time in a while we've emptied out the contents of the craft cupboard and got really messy.

They both painted their hands - my daughter consistently and painstakingly does this every time she has the paints out, and my little boy just had to follow suit as he obviously thought it was the done thing. Strange that everything ended up green! The evidence ...

Today has been beautifully sunny, which is always a good start! My daughter had a friend home for lunch from nursery and I had a lovely time just listening in to them playing together. The duplo fire station was dismantled and rebuilt several times with lots of role play going on. I was mildly concerned about the number of dead animals that were being rescued by the fire service, but all in all was very entertaining!

Children are now asleep, so I'm about to thread up the machine to sew some napkins. I've been hanging on to some beautiful pink fabric from the Flea Market fancy range for ages, while thinking what to use it for. I've finally cut into it, so tonight is sewing night. I'll hopefully post some evidence tomorrow.

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