Tuesday, 18 December 2007

It's been another long gap between posts as things just seem to keep on getting in the way! A poorly little boy again; it was his second birthday yesterday and he didn't even manage to eat the cake, poor thing. That said, he did wear the firefighter's helmet and tabbard he had as a gift all day. My little poorly firefighter looked so sweet with his rosy cheeks! His big sister gladly helped with the present unwrapping, thus saving the day!

Last weekend was fun, in spite of the lack of sleep, as I went to a big meet up of UK etsy folks in London. There were 14 of us in total and we had a lovely day chatting over coffee and freezing to the core eating a pub lunch outdoors on the South Bank.

I've also had other etsy-related excitement in the form of no less than two secret swap packages arriving. The first was two sets of earrings and a pendant from Honeybeedz, in the Autumn secret swap, which are just lovely:

I also got a package from magpienest in the Christmas secret swap. Some delicate silver stud earrings and a card holder made from gorgeous Japanese papers.

Both packages were so beautifully presented too; I am a very happy etsyer!

There's been quite a bit of crafting here too - lots of projects which were almost finished have now been completed, including this baby cardie for my friend's 3 month old:

I'm seeing her tonight for a rare night out, which will be nice! Fingers crossed for an unbroken night's sleep tonight or I'll be like a zombie tomorrow :)

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