Wednesday, 23 January 2008

7 weird things about me

Thank you very much to Florence for nominating me for this amazing blogger award. As a nominee, I now have to list 7 weird things about myself. Like Florence, I asked my husband for help with this. He helpfully said he was sure there were a LOT more than 7 weird things about me but that he's know me for so long that he's just got used to them. Hmmm ... thanks, I think!

So here are my 7 weirdnesses in no particular order

1. I cannot eat melon. Physically can't eat it. Not even to be polite! Everyone who knows me thinks this is very weird as melon is thought to be totally inoffensive. Well, not to me! There's just something about the texture. I really can't stand it, and I'm not at all a fussy eater otherwise. Oh, and another fruity weirdness is that I can't bear to touch peaches. Sometimes I get the same recoil from cotton wool, or flour, but always from peaches.

2. While in labour with my little boy I didn't say a single word ... to the extent where the midwives kept on trying to get me to open my eyes to make sure I had registered their presence! I was 'in the zone' and not taking any notice of anyone!

3. I have a borderline phobia about plumbing. I hate to be the first person to use a shower in a hotel, for example (not that my life includes many hotel visits!), and would always make my husband take a shower first to make sure that it was safe. I can't bear that juddering noise some showers make as the water comes in. And I was really freaked out by the shower in a hotel I stayed in with my mum in Barcelona, as it had an old set of, now redundant (or were they????), taps in the shower as well as the set that really turned on the water. Oh, and I am also really scared of high cisterns with a chain pull in public toilets.

4. I have a weird mark on my arm. It's not a birth mark, as it wasn't present at birth, but I've had it as long as I remember. I'm totally used to it, but almost every Summer, someone will notice it and tell me I have glitter or paint on my arm.

5. Tuna sandwiches give me the hiccups, always, without fail. Sandwiches with other fillings do not give me the hiccups. Tuna in any other context does not give me the hiccups.

6. I am a sleepwalker. Not that weird in itself, and I'm not even sure if I do it any more (my husband is such a deep sleeper that he wouldn't clock it if I did). Once, though, at university, I woke up in the morning to find that I had made a neatly folded pile of clothes and towels on my desk.

7. I have quite a small frame, but an apparently overly large ribcage, so that if I breathe in really deeply I can get the fingers of both my hands behind my ribs. My brother can do it as well. Maybe other people can too, but usually they find it so freakish that they probably wouldn't try!

And now I have to nominate some others for the same award, so, if they would like to reveal their weirdnesses, I nominate AnnieB from overmilkwood, Melissa from Day to Day and Jo from Today we are ....


  1. That's so odd - I did number 2 as well (with my first child...second was a c-section).

    I loved hearing about your shower phobia...I can sort of understand it, and it made me laugh that you send your husband in first as your water-safety guinea pig!


  2. That plumbing thing really resonates with me too. I wouldn't complain about the sleepwalking-laundry management thing - if only my towels could get foldeed while I slept. I think you need to try to harness that one!

    thanks (I think!) for nominating me - now, where do I start?...

  3. I have been told I talk in my sleep, carry on complete conversations and get mad when no one is answering me, I'm just waiting until I start sleepwalking and start walking an imaginary dog. I'm not a melon fan either, you are right the texture just isn't right.

  4. Thanks for your comments. I am a little worried that I've given away quite how weird I am, but it's nice to know that you can identify with some of my idiosyncracies!

  5. Just come across your blog on bloglovin - I was intrigued because I'm a fellow crafter (mostly crochet, some sewing), and my name's Angharad! I'm also relieved to find I'm not the only person in the world with an illogically morbid fear of plumbing! Yes, I send my husband/friends/family into hotel showers/public loos/etc first, and industrial plumbing in particular terrifies me! Swimming pool pump rooms = my worst nightmare! Anyway, you've got a lovely blog! :)

  6. Always good to hear from a fellow plumbing phobic person, Angharad! Swimming pool pump rooms - now that's a whole new level of terror I hadn't even considered!


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