Thursday, 31 January 2008

Knitting and cake

I went to my first knit night last night in Reading, with the outcast knitters. I am definitely a convert - tea, cake, chatting, knitting - some of my favourite things! Thanks to Knithappens, who invited me in the first place. I also put faces to some other etsy shops SkeinQueen, knitclicking and Knitwit. Now I have lots more etsy shops to browse!

I had the beginnings of the left hand glove of dashing on my needles when I got there - and actually didn't seem to advance that much! The pattern is really straightforward though, and I love the fact they're knitted in the round so there's no sewing up to do. The gloves are fingerless mitts, a birthday present for my father. His hands are considerably larger than mine, which is why the gloves look a little oversized in this picture.

Did I say gloves? I mean glove ... I managed to get one finished and in the post today for my dad's birthday tomorrow and the other one is still on the needles!

And here's a quick shot of my finished Gretel. I really enjoyed knitting this, but the slouchy size has turned out to be super slouchy. The shot from the back shows it a bit more clearly - it is a giant hat! In true cowboy style, I didn't knit a gauge swatch, so I only have myself to blame. I can't quite bring myself to unravel it back to regular and start the decreases again quite yet, but that's my plan. Or then again, maybe I'll just embrace the slouchiness! I hate to unravel things once they're finished. I would definitely knit this pattern again though, and I loved knitting with the Noro Cash Iroha.


  1. oooooh - that gretel is gorgeous. Definitely embrace the slouchiness, it looks beautiful. I look teh back shot with your hair peeking out so prettily.
    Agh - guage swatches! the bans of my life too (you may have seen what happened when I didn't do one for my Le Slouch [opposite problem basically]- although all is well now)

    funnily enough I went to my first knit night too, at iKnit in London. Didn't manage too much knitting but bought some more yarn. Lethal, having a knit night in a wool shop.

  2. ahem, ...I like the back shot...

  3. ahem, ahem...guage swatches - the bane of ...

    (please excuse me, it is early and I am obviously exhausted from too much knitting)

  4. I love the slouchiness of Gretel, looks fab and just what you need in this cold windy weather.

  5. I really love your Gretal hat, it looks great and must be cosy too.

  6. The gretel is super the colour and you are a fabulous knitter - I can only knit plain and purl I'm afraid,

  7. Thank you for you kind comments, what I managed to do wrong is cut the hole thing upside down (all the leaves and flowers are growing down!) Hope you have a great weekend.

  8. Nice to have met you at Knit Night - and still thinking about that cake - mmm. The dashing (singular - so far) came out well! And I agree, embrace the slouchiness of the Gretel - it looks great!


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