Friday, 14 March 2008

Did I mention that I love books?

... did I mention that I love books? I've got a wishlist as long as my arm, which seems to grow daily (the list, not the arm!). I'm forever finding new books to add from browsing people's blogs or looking at flickr. Lately I've been thinking it would be handy to learn a bit more about pattern drafting for clothes as I don't have masses of dressmaking experience, so I've added two more books to the list, Sew-U by Wendy Mullin and Sew Everything Workshop by Diana Rupp. Unfortunately neither is available through my local library, but I do have a birthday coming up next month, so I might drop a few well-placed hints to my husband!

It's Friday, and we've a free weekend stretching out in front of us, which is nice. There's definitely going to be some kiddie crafting on the horizon as we've just had a letter home from my daughter's nursery to say that there will be an Easter bonnet competition next Thursday - I'm sure we'll have fun with that! Probably some sewing too. It's bibs and wristlets this weekend as I've got the pieces all cut out. I'm trying to make a few small things every week at the moment with the aim of increasing my stock ready for a craft fair near Covent Garden in June. At the moment there seems to be plenty of time ahead, but this will be my first craft fair, so I'm keen to avoid leaving everything till the last minute!

Other things to do this weekend probably include making soup. I've discovered that my little boy will eat any vegetable or combination of vegetables in soup form, so we've been having homemade soup and a sandwich for lunch for weeks now. I usually just toss in whatever I have to hand (today it was butternut squash, potato and onion). I've had this book for a while now, though, and I've yet to cook anything from it, so I might try the split pea and leek soup - yum!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love butternut and potato soup, but leek and potato is my next fave, so maybe leek and pea will be a winner - let me know.
    those books look great, although I'm terrified of anything dressmakingish, the thought of it having to fit properly sends shivers down my spine, maybe it's time to overcome the fear.........

  2. The soup book looks good, any recipies for parsnips or pumkin? Good luck with the Easter Bonnet next week have lots of fun! My local library buys in books to order if that makes sence, they have bought quite a few craft books when I have asked about them with the librarian in charge.

  3. I love the look of your book of soups. Several years ago New Covent Garden soups made a Cauliflower Cheese and Dijon Mustard soup, which I admit sounds horrific, but it was utterly wonderful, so I would recommend it if it's in there!

    I had been trying to remember who it was that had recommended the Hard to be Hip...persphone, so was so pleased when you left a comment saying it was you - I am so enjoying it.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend. x

  4. oooh oooh ooh (I love books too) will you remind me of your craft fair near covent garden when the time comes - I work there and would love to sneak out for a crafty half hour to say hello and look at your beautiful wares...(love that pear fabric - is it Alexander Henry?)

  5. The bibs you've made are REALLY gorgeous...I love the bright and funky fabric you've used.

  6. Driftwood - I will report back on the leek and pea soup! I love leek and potato too.

    two hippos - just had a browse through and there is a parsnip and parmesan soup and a pumpkin soup, plus a butternut squash one with sunflower seed garnish which would probably be lovely with pumpkin. I'll have to try asking about ordering in some new books, thanks.

    Florence - sadly they don't have that cauliflower one, though it sounds lovely. Maybe it's in the newer volume they brought out. Glad you're enjoying It's Hard to be Hip - I often dip into mine.

    annieb - it would be great to put a face to a name if you had a chance to drop in! It's going to be on Sunday 22 June in Dragon Hall. And yes, the fabric is Alexander Henry - I just love that print!

    Melissa - thanks! I love that Alexander Henry fabric so much that I have it in all three colourways!

  7. Thank you! Our veg box seems to contain so many parsnips and pumpins at the moment.

  8. It was a pleasure to browse all your wonderful little bags. What talent and great projects!

  9. Thanks, Lisa, for popping over to my blog with such a kind comment!

  10. Thanks for letting us know about the craft fair in London! :> I've been on some websites and asked questions about craft fairs in London with not much response. I live in London so it is quite difficult to go to other craft fairs out of London. Especially as I have I 3 year old and work full time.

  11. I have just discovered you and love your work. A funny...when I read this entry fast I thought you said "I must try making soap" and read further that your boy liked to eat everything....ha ha!!! I need to slow down!
    Love your things!
    Kim- across the ocean...


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