Monday, 24 March 2008

Happy Easter!

In spite of the strange weather this weekend, we've managed to have a fun family Easter weekend. Much chocolate has been consumed, there's been plenty of outdoor play, plus a bit of sewing time for me. We've also undertaken goodness knows how many Easter egg hunts, as the children, rather than eating the little bag of chocolate eggs that was the prize for solving the clues, just wanted to keep on hiding them so that they could find them again!

Back to school for my husband and my daughter tomorrow, as our Easter holiday doesn't coincide with Easter this time around. Just me and my boy tomorrow morning - things are going to seem pretty quiet around here!


  1. What fun egg hunts are, we did 2. Its a shame about the school holidays being so odd, we are off now too. Hopefully we won't get much more snow and can start to enjoy spring.

  2. I was beginning to think we were the ones not yet on easter holiday! I am hoping that the weather will just be that bit better when the finish end of next week!

  3. two hippos and things hand made - we are also hoping the weather will buck up a bit. Looking hopeful now as it's been a gorgeous afternoon - finally starting to feel like Spring!


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