Saturday, 22 March 2008

Knitting again

It's turning out to be an unusual Easter weekend - snow, interspersed with patches of bright sunshine, and high winds! Not a good start to this morning as I dropped my eternity ring on our bathroom floor, it rolled behind the sink pedestal and under the floor, and so far we haven't been able to retrieve it. My husband gave it to me when our daughter was born, so it's of huge sentimental value. I'm just hoping we'll be able to find it - next step is pulling up the bathroom floor ... At the moment I'm holding on to the idea that it can't have gone very far, and that it will just be sitting there ready to be picked up. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Not much sewing this week, as I'm waiting on some fabric I ordered from the US. I'm hoping it'll put in an appearance by the beginning of next week as I urgently need it to finish off a wedding present for Saturday.

So, in the absence of fabric, it's been a knitting week this week. I finally managed to get myself organised enough to go to Outcast's knit night in Reading on Wednesday, which was lovely. I made some progress on the drop stitch scarf I'd started. The drop stitch scarf was the perfect project for a knit night, as it's really straightforward once you've started - no patterns or charts needed!

I also cast on for a sweet little cardigan from Rowan Babies for my little girl before going home (seen above), though I must have been tired, as despite counting the stitches twice or 3 times, it was only after knitting 5cm or so that I realised I'd cast on 104 stitches instead of 93. Oops - started again now, and I'm now back at the point where I was before! I love coral pink and green together - the fabrics I've photographed with the yarn (4 ply cotton by Rowan) are going to be made into a little skirt to go with the cardie, I think. I've made this one before - it's a pretty little knit in cotton with a border of crochet squares. My daughter wore the old one from baggie cardie to cropped bolero stage, and I'm sure this one will be worn lots too!


  1. oh good luck with your ring! I had a similar incident at new year, when the diamond fell out of mine during the night! luckily (oh so sooo lucky) we managed to find it! So I will try to send you "finding ring" vibes. Good luck. (have you tried a mirror stuck to a pole/coathanger?)

  2. Hope you find your ring. Things like that can be really upsetting so good luck.

  3. Good LUCK with your ring!
    You make lovely things! I especially love the red polka dot tote, yam!

  4. Ooh no! Hope you find your ring. I lost my engagement ring once at a night club on our works christmas outing. I was dancing and it just slipped right off (made the mistake of buying it on rather a hot day so it was a little loose on). I was absoloutely frantic - didn't help that I'd had a fair bit to drink by that point. Luckily managed to find it about 2hrs later!


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