Sunday, 16 March 2008

My weekend in pictures

Nice bits and pieces for Sunday lunch - homemade butternut squash soup, ham sandwiches and scones baked with my daughter this morning. I like this picture as you can see from the blurring how fast those small hands are reaching for the goodies! I did make them eat their soup and sandwiches first though!

Finished sewing - another baby bib and a set of coasters ...

... and two clutches/wristlets in that retro tea and coffee cup print. All destined for my etsy shop this week!

Trying to keep up the sewing momentum, so I've cut out another bag ready to sew. I'm also waiting on some extra fabric from ebay so that I can finish off the quilt I began a week or so ago, so plenty to keep me busy. Lots of small person crafting on the cards too, as we've some Easter cards and a bonnet to finish!


  1. Your fingers have been busy - all this and soup as well.

    The clutches are very nice indeed!

  2. That sounds like my sort of weekend. Butternut sqaush makes lovely soup and you make lovely bags!

  3. Thank you both! Soup-making and sewing seems to be all I do at the moment - maybe I should rename my blog?!


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