Wednesday, 5 March 2008


pieced quilt top

What a gorgeous day it's been today! We made our way up to the farm again this afternoon (our season tickets were a kind gift from my husband's grandmother and have been well-used). Just me and the children this time, meeting with some friends as my husband was at work. We had the unexpected excitement of seeing a kid being born this time, which was amazing. There were a few awkward questions to be answered (my 4 year old daughter specializes in awkward questions!), but the children were delighted by the whole thing. It was so amazing to see the kid up on its feet within minutes. Awww! And did I have my camera with me? No of course not, but I hope I'll be more organised next time.

A busy week this week as I've got an orchestra concert on Saturday (I play the violin), so I'm trying to shoehorn in some much-needed last minute practice when I can. This is much to the amusement of my children who always give their daddy the slip to come and find me and dance Irish-style jigs, no matter what kind of music I'm playing!

It's only Wednesday, and I feel as if it should be Friday already! What I have found though, is that now that I am short of time, I seem to have become a lot more focused. Unbelievably, I reached the bottom of the ironing pile yesterday evening! (I really wasn't sure it existed, and despite my recent resolution to tackle it, I had only made the barest indent on it till now). I've also made a dress for my daughter, and stitched together my quilt top. And I spent this evening cutting out the pieces for another set of coasters and another small baby quilt like this one for a friend who's expecting a baby next month. Okay, so none of the projects have been finished so far (even the dress still needs to be hemmed), but it's fits and starts or nothing this week, so I'm going for the small-but-achievable tasks approach.

Spring dress for my daughter- needs a hem, and some kind of embellishment - not sure what yet!

Finally, I've been tagged by three people at once, all UK etsy folks, namely KMCDesigns, debsmuddle and kittypinkstars. I'm actually going to sit this one out though, as I did the 7 weird things about me recently, and while I could easily (maybe a little too easily) find another 7 weird things about me to share, I think that probably I shouldn't reveal that I am any weirder than I have already!


  1. congrats on reaching the bottom of the ironing pile - I didn't know it existed, I though it was a myth, like Atlantis.
    the quilt and the dress are just gorgeous!

  2. Perhaps there is something in busy people getting more done. I like the small achievable tasks approach - you'll have a finished quilt before you know it. Love those fabrics too.

  3. The dress and quilt are lovely. Ironing... no comment!

  4. fantastic beautiful quilt top - am insanely jealous!

  5. I just love the quilt top you have pieced, did you buy the fabric from the US? Great colours.

  6. I love the fabric your using for your quilt !

  7. Hello! I love the dress...very 'Charlie and Lola'. My daughter is four, and I would love to make her a summer dress. Did you use a pattern? Lovely quilt too.

    As for the ironing....I buy non-iron shirts for husband and daughter....He! He!

  8. Thanks, everyone! For those who are interested, the fabric I used for the quilt top is Moda Urban Chiks, Summer in the City. I think I got it from

    I'm glad I'm not the only one with an ironing problem! My ironing pile is more of a mountain, and a permanent feature in my bedroom!

    Mary - the dress pattern I used is Simplicity 4927 - it really is very easy. I'm going to blog some more about it next week, along with a couple of other girls' patterns once it's finished.

  9. Well done on getting all the ironing done. I'm afraid I'm a slummy mummy and leave most of our stuff un-ironed! Lovely dress & quilt.

  10. I find that the busier I am, the more I get done. When I have too much free time I tend to play around. I love your quilt top, so pretty!


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