Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Trips to the library

I love libraries! Having been a student for 8 years, I've spent a lot of time in libraries. I whiled away hours in the British Library when I was working on my PhD. When I was at Oxford I loved going to the Radcliffe Camera or the Upper Reading rooms of the Bodleian library and looking out over the dreaming spires, and to the beautiful Taylor Institution library where I sat up in the gallery looking over St Giles. My college library was right next to my room and accessible 24 hours a day - handy for those 2am visits to finish an essay at the last minute! It had lovely book lined booths with an individual desk in each. I'd like to think it was the beautiful surroundings which made it easier for me to work, but actually the fact of being trapped in a library with someone else sitting opposite probably had more to do with it. The best and most productive trips to the library were those when I went with my friend, and we mutually guilt-tripped each other into working, despite each of us being in on the secret!

Now, as a mother of two young children I'm rediscovering local libraries, which I haven't really used since I was a child. My children really love a trip to the library. It easily takes a whole afternoon as they like to settle in for a long reading session on the beanbags, and the walk there and back takes an hour. We always take our bookstart book bag to fill with books, and my daughter always insists that we get our full allowance of 10 books, so it always comes back full to bursting! At the moment, Percy the Park Keeper and Paddington Bear are firm favourites with both the children. My daughter also has a tendency to pounce on any 'scary' stories like Where the Wild Things Are or The Gruffalo in spite of the fact they keep her awake at night!

Here's what I've got on loan at the moment (you may notice a slight crafting bias to my choices!):

Denyse Schmidt's Quilts

Sew What! Skirts

The Complete Practical Encyclopaedia of Needlecrafts

Apples for Jam

I'm really enjoying flicking through these when I get a spare five minutes and getting ideas for things to make.

I always have some sewing or cook book on request from other libraries in the county (currently waiting for The Gentle Art of Domesticity). I have to say, having access to a legal deposit library would come in handy now, in my search for all the crafting books I'm hankering after having seen them on other crafting blogs!


  1. oh what a good idea! I never thought of going to libraries for craft books, I might take a trip to our local one tomorrow! Thanks for that idea.

  2. I love borrowing books from our library although they don't have many upto date craft books, I order the ones they do on inter library loans and the librarian always sounds slightly disapproving when she rings me to sat -"Another craft book you've ordered has come in"...........

  3. I now spend more time in the libbary and if I time it right I can have one asleep in the pushchair and one at storytime giving me about 2 minutse 33 seconds to grap a chick flick novel and a random craftbook, photocopy some ideas out of last weeks random craftbook and grab the sofa before the other mothers get to it!

  4. I love the library, too! So much goodness for FREE - that is, if you can avoid the overdue fees (which I always seem to have to pay). But even with fees it is so much less expensive than buying all those books. Sometimes I do go out and buy them, but being able to take them home to preview first is unbeatable.
    And so satisfying to bring home a whole stack :)

  5. I love the library too - in fact I'm just off there now. However::

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  6. Thanks for your comments.

    Stacie I am like you and often end up buying the books as there are only so many times you can renew them! And surely it's our duty to accrue overdue fees occasionally as it all goes to help the library :D

    Enjoy your trip to the library, Marmaladkiss!

    Driftwood - I am just the same. Last time I even had to admit I'd ordered a book into the wrong library as I forgot to change the default online. Oops!

    Thingshandmade - sounds like you have a well-planned routine! I am never this organised - everything is on the hoof in this household.

    Cara - thanks for the tagging, but I'm afraid I've been tagged already. Popping over to your blog now to see yours though.


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