Thursday, 24 April 2008

Making baby gifts

My friend had a baby boy on Tuesday - I'm off to visit tonight, so here's a quick shot of the gift I put together for her this week.

As usual, I've been totally last-minute with this, despite approximately 6 months warning! In my defence, I was waiting to see if the baby was a boy or a girl so I'd know whether to use pink or blue.

I had such fun making this - especially the little baby shoes. I'd never made cloth shoes before, and hadn't realised quite how straightforward they are. And so cute! Cue maternal guilt that I never made any for my 2 children, who, at 2 and 4 are a little too old for these. I need to find more babies to sew for ... fast! The pattern is the one from the Stardust shoes blog, and is very easy to follow as long as you're happy stitching things on a small scale. I did modify it slightly to line the inside of the shoes so that I wouldn't have any raw edges on show.

The package also includes a little quilted baby blanket made with a panel of Beatrix Potter fabric, a couple of lavender bags so it all smells pretty, a spotty bib, and a soft cardigan.

And look - my favourite bit - cute little duck buttons! Making things for babies is SO much fun!


  1. what a sweet little set. nice job on the shoes :)

  2. Oh very cute. I often wonder why things are cuter when they're smaller. Except lunch, of course.

  3. That is such a beautiful set. Some people think that if its a boy that you don't want little handmade things but they are the things you end up treasuring. I think the shoes are so lovely it nearly makes me broody! ( I did say nearly!)

  4. Thanks, everyone. Making baby things is so enjoyable.


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