Sunday, 13 April 2008

Snapshots from my sewing table

Okay, so the sewing table doesn't really exist, it's really the dining table, which is in the main living area. Did I say 'main living area'? Actually our living/dining room is the only downstairs space in our home other than our kitchen. Consequently, my sewing has a huge impact on everyone else's living/playing space. I've just cleared the table of the pile of works in progress so that the children can have their tea. The sewing machine is still there though - at the moment I get away with it, but I'm sure one day the children will begin to notice that no-one else's mummy has a sewing machine as a permanent feature on the table! I would so love to have a dedicated sewing space (I suspect my husband would like it if I could shut my clutter away too!), but in the meantime I'm trying to be a bit more organised.

The pile of cut out panels and stitched pieces you see above will hopefully become 3 wristlets and a two bags very soon. A couple of days ago, it was tissue holders and pencil cases:

This is my attempt to build a bit of stock for the WeMake craft fair in London in June. There's going to be a lot more mess around here until then!

Sometimes, though, it's nice to put everything away and get that sewing machine off the dining table. That's where the knitting comes in handy (I am, it seems, completely unable to just sit down and relax of an evening!). This is what I'm currently working on, a short sleeved cardie called Juliet for myself.

I've never actually knitted an adult-sized garment before (unless I count my 'stress-busting jumper' which I knitted while waiting for my A-level results!) so I'm a bit worried it's going to be awful, but I've been searching the patterns on Ravelry and every version of Juliet I've seen looks really nice, so hopefully I'm on to a winner!


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  2. Hi! I made a bit of a mess to the original comment, so I had to delete it...apologies... Anyway, I want to say that I totally relate to your issue re sewing space. My work area is also my dining table which is in our open plan living, dining and kitchen. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one.

    I'm looking forward to the WeMake Craft Fair in June. Will it be children friendly? I'm hoping to take my four year old.


  3. You're not the only one - we haven't seen our dining table in months for all the crafting stuff on it. Unfortunately everyone else seems to dump stuff there too so I don't seem to have any space to get the crafting done, just pile up the materials. Arrrrgghhh I so have to get my arse into gear for the we make fair! Keep making lots more stuff so that no one will notice my side of the table is rather bare looking please!

  4. I find the whole sewing space such a difficult one too...I sew in our bedroom...which causes lots of problems if Ian ever wants an early night (thankfully not often). I dream of a dedicated space. I have both of the Amy Butler fabrics that I see on your table and love them both, but I've found the pink one hard to project that I get it out for feels quite right so I'm really looking forward to seeing what you make with it and am hoping it might spurr me on to cut into it.

    I love the look of your soft grey wool - it looks like it will be beautiful. x

  5. hi Helen!

    The Juliet cardi looks beautiful .. what a fab project, hope you'll post it when its done?

    BTW come and friend me on Ravelry next time you're on.. I searched but couldn't find you :-)

  6. oh for a studio like some people have heh!
    your knitting looks lovely, can't wait to see more!

  7. I love the fabrics you are using, as always! And had a peek at the cardie that you are knitting, its fab!

  8. Isn't that what kitchen/dining room tables are for?!

  9. Space is always going to be an issue in little english houses, I think. I'm lucky at the moment becasue I have the second bedroom but if we ever have kids I'll be turfed out of there in a jiffy...Not sure what the solution is except moving to a country with enormous houses.

    Love the cardi :)

  10. Juliet is an awfully pretty pattern. Looking forward to seeing it finished!

    And the craft fair sounds great - no wonder you're busy!

  11. I was going to say that the lack of dedicated crafting space is an issue at my house too but it seems that most people go through this!
    The craft fair sounds like so much fun. And your fabrics are adorable.

  12. Just had a look at revelry, thanks. But I don't belong at the moment and havent found how to seach for members, maybe I have to be one?


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