Friday, 16 May 2008

The postman brought these ...

Okay, so the sunshine we've been enjoying here in the UK seems to have well and truly disappeared, and it's feeling rather wintry at the moment, but who cares when the postman brings packages like this:

This is what I received in an impromptu swap with Florence after we met up the other day. She had been asking about the minkee I'd blogged about recently, so I sent her a small offcut to play around with. In return, she very kindly sent me the goodies pictured above - a pretty pink pack of Cath Kidston tissues (I will not be wasting these on my children's runny noses!), a trio of dishcloths so lovely I will save them for best, a piece of a gorgeous Amy Butler fabric that I've never seen in these colours before, and last but not least, a handy new sewing gadget. Thanks so much, Florence!

Also delivered by my postman last week was a package from Sew, Mama, Sew. I put my prize money towards three Amy Butler prints in blue and grey from the Lotus collection. They're even more beautiful in the flesh than they looked on the website, and I really can't wait to cut into these.
I'm going to use them to make the Emmeline apron which I purchased the pattern for a little while ago. I had an email conversation with Jo about my reluctance to use up large quantities of fabric on a single item, and my consequent tendency to eke out my stash on small projects; this has decided me to take up Jo's suggestion of joining in the Emmeline sew-along as therapy for my fabric-hoarding tendencies!

And there's more - I got another parcel yesterday, in the shape of this book, Sew Everything Workshop by Diana Rupp, the third book my mother-in-law had ordered for my birthday.

I thought I might devote a separate blog post to a mini review of my sewing books, as I've been asked a few times lately about book and tutorial recommendations, and tips for how to go about basic sewing tasks, so I'll get on to that in the coming week.

I'll leave you with a photo of the cake I baked this week to take to a friend's house. I suddenly realised it had been ages since I'd done any baking of the non-child-assisted variety, so I thought I'd cook something a bit more grown up. This is a traybake with apricot halves topping each piece from Bill's Open Kitchen by Bill Granger. It turned out really well and I'll definitely cook this one again as it's really very easy. It's lucky I took it to my friend's, really, or I'd probably have scoffed the lot!


  1. Hi,
    Happy I found your blog,it is lovely!
    regards Laura

  2. Great parcels! I never knew Cath Kidston tissues even existed - how luxurious! I'd love to hear your sewing book recommendations!

  3. What wonderful parcels, full of lovely fabrics! Look forward to your book reviews too.

  4. Lovely cakes. Gosh I need breakfast...

    I do so love those fabrics. I think I need a bolt of all the lotus ones just to be sure I never run out.

  5. A good post day indeed! Florence is the secret font of good sweing gizmos.

  6. mmmm...what lovely posted goodies, and mmmm again for that cake - looks delicious

  7. Yummy cakes ... I was just reading your post when your comment on mine came through .. spooky. Those sewing gizmos are great for pressing down hems (with iron in other hand), I have one and wouldn't be without it.

  8. gorgeous fabric choices! the apron is going to be gorgeous!

  9. its is so hard to cut up such lovely fabric! be brave

  10. Ohhh.....this post is so dangerous...look at all the fabrics, cakes (I love Bill Granger too) and a craft book!

  11. Oh, that is all 'top shelf' stuff! I might have go and sit down!


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