Thursday, 5 June 2008

Back to school

It was back to school on Monday for my little girl and my husband after a week off for half term. I've been playing catch up this week on all the neglected chores and items on the to-do list which were never ticked off over half term. So, after Monday and Tuesday doing the boring household jobs, on Wednesday I did a bit of sewing for the Wemake fair. This was aided by the fact that my little girl went to lunch at a friend's house and I managed to get my little boy down for an afternoon sleep - cue 2 hours of uninterrupted sewing, which is a rarity around here! The totes above were cut out already, so I had almost finished the three by the time my little boy woke up and it was time to collect my daughter. I also added another couple of be-ribboned clutches to my finished items list this week, so my stock is slowly building!

I am considering employing some small helpers and paying them in ribena to increase productivity...

Still on my to-do list is Emmeline for the Monkey Foot Designs and Stacy Sews sew-along. I am very late in the day with this one! And I knew it would happen, but I find myself arranging the lotus fabric I'd chosen for emmeline with my lovely golden bamboo handles from U-handbag like this:

I haven't cut the fabric as yet, and I really do want to make the emmeline apron, so we shall see!

It hasn't been all sewing though. We've also had a lot of fun watching the ladybird larvae in the garden this week. We have a decked area outside our patio doors which seems to be a haven for ladybirds, as come this time of year there are countless ladybird larvae marching up and down the grooves in the wood and somehow avoiding being trampled by small children. As chance would have it, my daughter's nursery school class had been looking at the ladybird/ladybug life cycle this week, with lots of fun activities like painting pebbles in red with black spots, so we offered to take in one of the larvae for the class to see. Of course, by the time we got back that afternoon, the larvae were nowhere to be seen, having abandoned their march along the decking to form cocoons. After a bit of searching, we found quite a few, and it's been amazing to watch their development - something I'd never taken the time to observe before (to be honest, I would have had no idea what ladybird larvae looked at if it wasn't for my daughter's Dorling Kindersley book of baby animals!).

If you click on the mosaic it will take you to my flickr where you can click on the individual images, if you're interested. They really are incredible things to watch - doing strange press ups and raising themselves right off the leaf at the bright yellow stage, but very still by now. We're looking forward to seeing what happens next!


  1. love the fabric on your totes, and what you've chosen for emmeline, - I must buy that pattern it looks lovely!
    fascinating ladybird pictures - I just thought they were born red with black spots....

  2. I love the fabrics as usual and the bamboo handles do look great with that fabric!

  3. Gosh yes, it would make a nice bag...

    Take heart - I haven't cut my fabric out yet either. And there's still the matter of getting something for the contrast :) last minute larry my mum calls me.

  4. Great fabric choices for your totes and I LOVE the lilac clutch.

    Mmm yep it's true, the blue of the Amy B fabric goes really well with the bamboo, but the Emmeline apron is so pretty. Wouldn't want to be in your shoes!

  5. I love the totes. Looking forward to the Wemake craft fair this month.


  6. hi angharad.. looking forward to meeting you and seeing your scrummy bags for real at the We Make fair!

  7. Beautiful bags. I love the totes in the first picture...I definitely want to try making one as a sewing project. I LOVE the wooden handles...they have this awesome retro feel to them; great choice with your blue fabric.

  8. lovely, lovely and erm...lovely

    hope to get in to the wemake fair, childcare emergencies etc if you get accosted by a random stranger wittering on about how beautiful your bags are it may well be me!

    great ladybird shots - in my art club recently the kids made mobiles of the butterfly life cycle...strikes me that ladybirds would be another good choice for such a project


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