Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Last-minute preparations

Still getting ready for the We Make London fair on Sunday here. I think I've realised it's time to call a halt to making new things now, and to concentrate on finishing off all the half-made things! So last night I got the sewing machine out for the last time to make my craft fair apron, so as to create the illusion of being a bona-fide fully-fledged crafting stall holder.

I used a natural coloured linen fabric, lined in calico (repurposed from an Anglo-Saxon costume I once made, one of my many forays into costume-making - but that's a whole other blog post!) and using more of the Summer in the City cotton prints I love so much. My favourite is still the bird print - I have only one tiny fragment of this left now. It seems to have been really popular too, as I've had so many enquiries in my etsy shop as to whether I have any available to sell on the basis of a bag made from it in my shop - and I don't even sell fabric!

I'm especially pleased with my little sewing scissor holding clip - folding scissors, naturally, to avoid any terrible mishaps! I might do a tutorial for the apron once the fair is over, if anyone's interested. In the meantime though, I need to start filling those pockets with things I need for the fair.


  1. Good luck with all your preparations for sunday, fab apron too.

  2. Lovely apron, delish fabrics! I'm sure you'll have a great day.

  3. Oooh! very cute apron, you are looking quite stylish in it. And yeah, that bird print is super cute. You should have bought out the bolt, sounds like there could have been profits made there :)

  4. gorgeous apron, would love to see a tutorial. hope the finishing preparations go well. x

  5. Lovely fabric combinations. Good luck - I'm sure you'll be a hit!

  6. Your apron is lovely - get ready to sell, sell, sell!
    Good luck

  7. That apron's really cute - good luck!


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