Monday, 23 June 2008

My first craft fair

me (right) and ClothCat (left) at our stall.
Thank you to All Those Threes for taking this photo and giving me permission to use it!

Well, Sunday has been and gone, so I can now say I've done my first craft fair! It was great that so many people made the effort to attend, and lovely to see some blog readers and friends who came to say hello like AnnieB, Lisa, Mary, TwoHippos and Ruth. There was also a huge contingent of UK etsy sellers, some I'd met before, and others I've been chatting to on the etsy forums, who'd made their way from various parts of the country to hold stalls or to come and support the fair and it was so nice to see them all (lots of photos here). And I really mustn't forget mini-Kezz, who was sent down by Kezzaroo, maker of fantastic felt caricatures, from Scotland to see everyone. We had a lot of fun together (see here for the antics of mini-Kezz)!

lots and lots of bags!

Truth be told, I didn't sell an awful lot, but I did make back my stall fee and expenses for getting to London, so there's been nothing lost, and it was a great experience! Thank you to my lovely customers - you know who you are! It also meant that I got a whole lot more organised, sewing lots and thinking about the practicalities of selling at a fair, so that will all help make things easier next time.

my half of the table I shared with Clothcat

My dad and little girl came along to help (my daughter was so excited by the whole thing and took it upon herself to be official photographer of all the stalls!). I also owe a big thank you to my brother, who made the fantastic shop sign you can see in the first photo above, and some beautiful tags for my products, which made everything look a good deal more professional!

me at my stall, taken by my 4 year old helper!

It was so lovely to put some faces to names and to have a chat. I enjoyed sharing the stall with Lindsay (Clothcat) too - it made a big difference to have company, and it was much less daunting not to have to fill a whole table! The organisers did a fantastic job of getting everything ready for the big day. And there's an added bonus - I get to do some recreational sewing now as I've got plenty of new stock to add to my etsy shop over the coming weeks!

View of the table I shared with Clothcat
(Cloth Cat's lovely felted and fabric things are on the left, and my side is the right)

It feels as if I've been working up to the craft fair for weeks, and there are a number of projects sitting on the back burner that I haven't really had time to start, so more on that soon! Thanks so much for all the good wishes in the comments to my last few posts. I'll be back next time with some non-craft fair related posts!


  1. it was lovely to meet you yesterday and see all your gorgeous things. I am full of hope that my new and very pretty tissue holder will revolutionise my life. I've just realised I totally missed your hanging rail of bags. GAH! I didn't even see them there...(possibly had something to do with being pulled in multiple directions by two small children and the sight of some rather beautiful silk knickers!)

    well done, your stall looked lovely and your pieces are very beautiful, as expected. I loved your apron too.

  2. Glad you had a good time yesterday - sorry I didn't make it (I was imbibing beer on the river with my lovely friend and messing about on boats). Hoorah for selling enough to cover the costs - not making a loss is splendid indeed :)

  3. so glad you had a good day, your stall looks lovely!

  4. Hi Helen,

    Well done on the craft show and I'm glad you made up the cost.

    It was lovely to meet you too. Vivian was very shy at the beginning (she didn't even take the sweets...such a cheeky little girl)then you must of heard her later. She has such a loud laugh. We had to leave early because I promised my parents dim sum and my daughter was making too much noise. I was hoping to come back in the afternoon, but Vivian fell asleep and Parents wanted to go home.... I think I might go alone next time. :>

  5. So pleased the fair went well yesterday and lovely to chat to you very briefly!

  6. Well done! I bet you are very releived now and relaxing!

  7. Well done, your stall looks fab and to sell anything on your first is really good. Your cards look so professional. heres to the next one!

  8. Hello!
    It was nice to see you on Sunday. Beautiful pouches and bags. Matryoshka bag with bamboo handles was very tempting! Well done for all your hard work. Now that you have lots of stocks for your Etsy shop you can sit back and enjoy the wonderful weather!

  9. Looks like it was an awesome time. It is fun to even just be around like-minded people all excited about the same thing. BTW, I love your tags; very nicely designed.

  10. congrats on your first craft fair! your stall looks really great!

    my first one is coming up in a week and a half and i'm getting so nervous :-)

  11. Hello, I am a newbie to sewing crafts, how do you find out and get involved with craft fairs??

    Lovely looking items by the way!!

  12. Hi Jean-Mary. Your email address doesn't show up in the comments, unfortunately, but if you drop me an email I can send you some links to sites where you can find out about UK craft fairs.
    helen { at } angharadhandmade { dot } co {dot} uk


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