Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Painting antics

Back to being a good mum again this week after frequently skiving off childcare duties on the weekends to sew for the fair. I couldn't remember the last time we had the paints out, so I dug them out from under the kitchen sink so the children could have some messy time. And messy really is the word - in my house anyway! It must have been a while, as the paints were totally congealed in their pots, so the children had to patiently wait while I gouged out the dried paint with a knife then scrubbed the pots in the sink, finally refilling them. My white kitchen sink was in a slightly-less than pristine state by the time I'd finished this!

They had a great time though, daubing paint over their paper, the table and, inevitably, themselves! You might think that the cheeky 2 year old was the main culprit, but it's my 4 year old daughter who really masterminds the hand painting - she always assures me it's for the purpose of making hand prints, however, I remain unconvinced that it's necessary to paint the backs of your hands.
my multifunction sewing/living/playing space - ha-ha!

In fairness though, she has the older-sister sense to refrain from eating the paints ... now they were non toxic weren't they???

So here are the fruits of their labours. Odd how those lovely bright primary colours all turned to sludge in the hands of my budding artists; now we have the makings of a great gothic wall display for our living room!

I'm reliably informed that the sludgy blobs are 'dark monsters' by my 2 year old boy. My little girl has now luckily reached the point where I can tell what her paintings are without asking, thus avoiding any hurt feelings!


  1. Cool 'dark monsters'! My youngest proudly informs me that his favourite colour is black. I am unintentionally raising a goth.

  2. Dark Monsters!! haha! So sweet.
    I think the very right hand painting is a butterfly? You are a fantastic mum! :D

  3. I had to laugh at this post...I remember children and paint...mostly I remember that for every hour of painting it felt like there was two hours of scrubbing both children and walls :)


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