Sunday, 29 June 2008

Taking better photos

Lovespoon on Welsh slate

So it's no secret -I'm a terrible photographer! I find the results I achieve are totally hit and miss and I have little understanding of all the technicalities, which leads to a lot of stress when I'm trying to take anything other than quick snaps and get adequate photos for etsy or for this blog. So, having spent my birthday money on a new camera, I feel it's high time to try and improve my photography skills.

tired boy on my knee

My dad helped me chose my new camera - my level (and budget!) meant I wasn't in the market for an SLR, but at the same time, this camera was a bit more than a straight point and shoot with plenty of manual options.


Abi (whose blog and etsy shop are full of gorgeous photos) has just set up a new group on flickr for would-be photographers to take 5 shots of 'ordinary beauty' each week, with the aim of improving their photography. This is all very timely for me, so naturally I've signed up. The aim is to steer clear of the 'auto' setting and play with the different features on the camera. I've also signed up to another group, dedicated to photography taken with the Canon Powershot A720is, with the hope of gleaning some tips specific to my camera.


So this is me sharing my 5 day to day shots from my first week in the flickr group. Okay, so I'm not quite there yet, but I've learnt an awful lot about my camera just by setting up these shots this week, and I can only get better. Another thing I'm learning is that 'ordinary beauty' would be a lot easier to find if my house was a little tidier!
rubber duck in his natural habitat

I shall be visiting this site a lot more for tips and tutorials and if anyone knows of any other good photography sites, please do let me know - I need all the help I can get!


  1. With such beautiful photos in a short time you became a professional taking a part in exhibitions, i'm sure!

    I have no patience to learn all those technicalities. But I am sorry for...

  2. Great photos!!! Love the rubber ducky... Taking good photos are very difficult. I find playing with light setting and get them right leads to a better final photo. You can always get photoshop and change correct things. The new camera looks great!

  3. I think your photos always look great! Might just join in with that photo challenge too, it sounds like good fun. x

  4. Hiya

    I am also learning to take photos. I've had my camera for over two years and only just beginning to discover buttons and functions I didn't know existed. I do rely on my photo editing software to help me along the way. I use paintshop pro.I subscribe to this lot they have a few fun projects to get you going. Your pictures are beautiful though.

  5. Looks like you're off to a gret start! My interest in photography has been a side effect of blogging really and I would just say snap away, I take lots and lots of photos to get one or two that I'm happy with!

  6. I agree with Lina, It looks like you have made a fabulous start. I think thats a similar camera to mine. I keep thinking that I should try to improve my photos, so another thing on my list for when the next child is at school!

  7. I think your photographs look great! The challenge is a great idea, more practice and fun.

  8. Oh those eyelashes! Your pictures are fab.
    I'm thinking about getting a new camera for my birthday too but am a bit lazy and really only use point and press.

  9. Oooh - I'm jealous! lucky you! New Camera! Whee!

  10. Hey your pics are really nice! Don't be so hard on yourself. Just have fun with it and you can't go wrong.

  11. Nice camera and a good price too. I've been learning to take photos but it seem to take a long time to upload it onto Flickr.

    Have fun with your new camera.


  12. I think your shots are beautiful. I really like the one of the Shakespeare books. I'm a sucker for old hardback books.

  13. Thanks for all your comments and tips!


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