Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Frocks and socks

Pirate knitting is on hold - as predicted, the off-white yarn failed to arrive today again. I'd used an online shop that's new to me, but unfortunately my emails and calls aren't being returned, so I spoke to a lovely member of staff in John Lewis, Reading, this morning, who is going to post me some from their stock instead.

In the meantime, I thought I'd better tackle a couple of unfinished objects from weeks ago - a dress for my daughter and a matching dress for her doll. These have been sitting almost-finished for a while now, particularly the doll's dress ... anyone who's been reading this blog for a while and who has a very good memory will know just how long! Ahem - those elves were definitely slacking last Christmas!

The dress is Simplicity 4927, a cute a-line dress with cap sleeves, quick and easy to sew - not even a zip to insert! I modified it by adding a lining as the blue fabric was a bit too sheer, and added a rick-rack detail and some pink dotty ribbon. The doll's dress is Simplicity 3879, which includes lots of cute patterns for several sizes of baby doll. My girl was quick to point out that the two dresses don't match exactly, but seems nonetheless to be pleased with the whole concept of 'hers and hers'.

Thinking ahead to our holiday in Wales next week, I thought I'd better get going on some more knitting to take with me. This time a pair of socks in RYC Cashsoft DK (bought from another online yarn store who failed to return my calls!). The yarn is lovely and soft, and the ribbed pattern makes this much more interesting to knit than the first pair of socks I knitted. I had an unusually peaceful afternoon to get started on these, with my boy and girl playing happily for at least an hour. But as you can see from the photo, I soon had a little pirate helper.

He was quite happy to let me knit, provided I submitted myself to an aggressive foot massage. Look at those thumbs, poised:

This is such a common occurrence in our household, that we have our own word for it - 'nobbling' (from the verb 'to nobble'). Our boy has done this since he was tiny, when tired, bored, or worried. He likes to get his thumbs in between the joints on your hands and feet and ..well, 'nobble' them, for want of a better word! Maybe I'd better get knitting a pair of reinforced socks for myself!


  1. Lovely 'hers and hers' dresses!
    The girls like so much those simple things.
    In summer I don't like knitting... I admire you!

  2. Could you send him round to nobble my stiff shoulders please??
    Sweet dresses!

  3. I think your little boy sounds fab! I wish I had someone at home who could "nobble" my poor aching shoulders!

  4. socks look great...can I borrow your young man some day - I'd love a spot of foot nobbling!

    have a lovely time in Wales and thanks for reminding me to sort out a project for my own holiday in Ireland!

  5. Hi Helen,

    Is this the dress that you made a while a go and you wasn't too sure which ribbon to use? Hee! Hee! I remember this dress.

    Your son sounds so cute.

    Have a nice time in Wales. It appears that everyone seem to be on holiday next week.


  6. Love the matchiness! Have a great holiday.

  7. Nice matching! This is exactly the sort of thing I wanted as a child but unfortunately my mother's chosen craft was knitting, and even then I knew a knitted dress wasn't right for me.

    Congrats on tracking down the supplies - running out mid project is such a pain :)

  8. I love those dresses - such a nice calm coloured fabric. I'll have to keep an eye out for that pattern.

  9. Have you tried ordering from: http://www.knitnpurlwoolshop.com/index.php ? I order on Sunday evening and my order was delivered on Tuesday. Of course this all depends upon whether or not they stock the wool you want :o)

  10. What a great idea - matching girl and doll dresses. So cute! I love the look of those socks, I think those will be super comfy and the yarn looks nice and soft.


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