Saturday, 12 July 2008

Maytime in July

I finally finished Maytime from Rowan Babies this morning - just the buttons to be chosen and stitched on, so after agonising for ages over some round coral pink buttons and some flower shaped cream ones, I just let my little girl decide (she went for the flowers). It's frightening how long I can spend arranging buttons on an unfinished cardie without making a decision!

I really do love this pattern. I made it once before in the smallest size in a purple shade of 4ply cotton and my daughter wore it till we could no longer squeeze her in to it. AnnieB's post about the sweet little houses and pincushions she's been making from her daughters' old things got me thinking this week about all those old children's clothes I have stashed around my house. Having a girl and then a boy means that very little has been passed down the line, and I've given away a lot of old things to friends and family. I've held on to all these handknits that I've made though - somehow I just can't part with them. They're usually to be found folded in with my clothes. Now that I've dug out the little purple one to photograph alongside the new coral pink version, I am strongly tempted to dress my little boy in the purple and photograph him with his sister in the pink - they would look so sweet - is that very wrong of me?!

The cardie is a really simple project, but has some lovely little details which really make it, like the picot edge on the neck, cuffs and hem, the band of crocheted squares, and the two purl stitches worked after each decrease on the raglan edges. I do really love Rowan 4ply cotton too (an ebay destash bargain!) - the stitch definition is great and it washes really well in the machine (goodness knows the purple one went through the wash plenty of times!).

These cardigans are the only time I've ever crocheted, and of course in the couple of years since I made the first one I'd totally forgotten how to do it, but, with the help of my trusty Paton's Woolcraft booklet, it's turned out looking fairly plausible, I hope!

And wouldn't you know it - the cardie is a perfect colour match for the liberty top I made for my girl. So now I'm thinking what to make for my boy. His pirate obsession tells me that the skull and cross bones jumper from Zoe Mellor's Adorable Knits for Tiny Tots might make him very happy, though I'm baulking slightly at the cost implications of 8 balls of Rowan DK Handknit cotton for the colour work!


  1. Oh no! Please don't say that making a cardi is a simple thing when to me it is tantamount to rocket science! It looks beautiful and your crochet is lovely.

    If it swings the purple cardigan dilemma for you at all, my little boy went out for a walk in a pink waterproof coat today due to the lack of anything else to wear...he was fine with it and said: boys don't normally wear pink, but I like it on this coat.

  2. What pretty cardis! The crochet is the perfect finishing touch. My son loves to wear the pink fairy tutus that I make so why not a boys purple cardi too??

  3. What a beautiful cardigan! It looks perfect with the top you made before. Coincidentally I also made a baby cardigan for my niece. Have you tried Elizabeth Zimmerman's pattern? They are really wonderful. I can highly recommend it. have a great weekend!

  4. Hi Helen,

    Such lovely cardigans. I haven't attempted knitting any clothes, but my mother in law has knitted so many for my daughter, that I can have an excuse. I would love to learn and its currently on my to do list.


  5. that is so very beautiful I am not surprised you needed to make them (unfortunately neither of my girls would allow anything so pretty to go within ten feet of them, so I am more likely to be doing the skull and crossbones jumper!) great choice of buttons too...I love how children can be so perfectly decisive...


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