Sunday, 20 July 2008

Pirates ahoy!

It's my budding little pirate's turn now - I've cast on and knitted the back of his new skull and crossbones jumper. The Debbie Bliss DK cotton is lovely and, most importantly, knits up really fast; I think this one should be finished quite soon, unlike the crocheted border cardigan in 4 ply, which seemed to take forever! My little boy is so far just disappointed by the fact that there is no skull to be seen as yet. Hopefully the cream/white yarn will make arrive by post tomorrow, or I'll be stalled after the ribbing on the front, and the two arm cuffs.

So far the main mishap has been at the 'change to 4mm needles and continue in st-st ...' bit - I did my usual 'change one of your needles to a 4mm needle but continue to use the 3 3/4 mm needle on alternate rows'. I managed not to notice this for 60-odd rows, and there was no way I was going to rip it back, so luckily it doesn't seem to be too obvious!

Bobbins are at the ready so I can try my hand at intarsia again. Hopefully it will go better than last time:

I just dug this one out to photograph it, and I've now finally ripped it so that I can lay it to rest.
Cause of death - my poor mastery of intarsia/fairisle techniques, as manifested in uneven tension, the main yarn colour surfacing in the middle of the pink polka dots, and the oval 'circles'. Maybe I'll start it again if I manage the skull and crossbones!


  1. I love this - so would my son! I have no idea what intarsia is as I am a mere knitting novice!

  2. Thats a wonderful jumper but way beyond me. I also have no idea what intarsia is. Heroine from a Jane Austin novel?

  3. Thanks - my little boy chose it himself. Intarsia just means knitting colour work where you work with the different colours on bobbins. It's really not very complicated - just that I seem to be hopeless at it!
    What a great name for the heroine of a novel though!

  4. I love this jumper, it is so cute. My tomboy daughter would probably like this as well. She is really into her pirates.

    Good luck with the intarsia, I have been avoiding colour changes in knitting, it all sounds so complicated.


  5. So cute. I used to make my sons sweaters with dinosaurs on them when they were little...they loved dinosaurs and it was their favorite sweaters to wear. Kids are so cool.

  6. It's going to be a favourite jumper I'm sure, if I ever get over my sock addiction I'd like to try knitting one too.

  7. no-one will notice that lack of needle change - I do that too sometimes : )

    I thought I could help as I have that dk cotton but I don't think I have enough. Was it the lovely Diana at JL that is helping you?


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