Tuesday, 19 August 2008

All but finished

Well my little pirate now has his very own skull and crossbones jumper. All that remains is to finish the left shoulder seam and neck ribbing. You would think that he would be very happy, after choosing the pattern himself, getting very excited about the motif, and asking me every five minutes 'is it finished, mummy?'. But no, he's decided to be contrary, and keeps on telling me 'I want you to give it to someone else, mummy'.

I'm undaunted though - I think his loathing of the jumper was brought on by me trying to jam it over his head to check how much stretch was in the neckline ribbing (not enough, it transpires, for my boy's head!). Now I'm toying with various solutions - maybe knitting a placket and using a button fastening, or just leaving the ribbed part open to fasten with a couple of press studs. If anyone has any brilliant ideas, please do shout out! I'm really pleased with the jumper, having laid my fear of intarsia to rest, and I'd hate to ruin it at this stage.


  1. If he really doesn't like it my brilliant idea is that I'll look after it here at my house for you! Hee hee!
    It looks amazing, I'm sure once he's decided that he likes it he'll never take it off.

  2. I don't even know what a placket is and I can't knit so I can't be of any practical help. I would like to be amazed at your accomplishment again though, if that's ok. I have no idea how you did it but it looks fantastic.

  3. Hi Helen,

    I'm SO IMPRESSED with this jumper, it is lovely! I'm sure your son will love it once you have finished the neck ribbing.


  4. That is sooooo cute....he must love it. These are the kinds of little outfits that no one else has because they are made with love by mum.

  5. I just love your little pirate jumper, so adorable.

  6. is there any way to make it bigger so it fits me??? I love it!! I can't think of any better suggestions for the neck though ... unless to you incorporate a bit of bandana or something to make it look like a piratey neckercheif type thing .... ?

  7. AAAwww! Love the jumper! You know, I can't do intarsia well so I am very impressed. Shoulder buttons would be good if the neck is small. You can also cast off the neck edge with tubular or back stitch cast off. This will help stretching the edges. It looks fabulous!

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