Sunday, 17 August 2008

Craft talk and cocktails

Back from a restful week with the in-laws, and what nicer way to spend a Saturday than a London jaunt in the company of Florence, Jo and Lisa. This was a return visit after the lovely day we had back in May. We kept to the same tried and trusted format - wandering the streets in search of the best fabric and haberdashery London has to offer, a good deal of giggling and chatting over a long lunch, finishing up with a round of cocktails and mocktails in the 5th floor bar of Waterstone's Piccadilly (where we even had the pleasure of meeting Mr Teacakes, who braved the possibility of fabric and interfacing talk to join us).

We were relatively restrained in our shopping (though not so restrained in the giggling, as the staff in Cloth House would no doubt bear witness, overheard by Florence watching us all in stitches in the basement on the CCTV!). I came away with a modest haul consisting of an offcut of pinstriping from the Cloth House, and some novelty buttons from All the Fun of the Fair.

The pinstriping is destined to become more moleskine cozies like these, I think, whilst the buttons were bought for a few children's projects I'm planning, hopefully to be completed before I lose sight of the buttons in amongst the various bags and boxes of haberdashery items in our house.

The 5th floor bar was a lovely place to end the day over more chatting, cocktails or mocktails, and doing our best toothy grins as we photographed each other for our blog posts. I had just the one cocktail - an ignorance is bliss, chosen more by luck that judgement from the vast menu.

One was apparently enough for me though as, much to my husband's amusement, I woke with an achingly sore head this morning (most likely the cocktail rather than the giggling, I think!).

Thanks again, ladies, for a great day!


  1. sounds just like my kind of day - crafting talk and cocktails - what more could a girl want?!

    I love those buttons - very sweet.


  2. Ooh - a good day out indeed.

    I love those moleskine covers.

  3. That sounds like a perfect day.

    I seem to attract the wrong people, as I don't know anyone who likes to make things and would enjoy the delights of a good fabric store. My kids certainly don't...

  4. Let's do it again! :)

    My headache didn't manifest for a few hours so I presume I was still drunk...

  5. Hi! What a cool day? Its funny how you gals moved from the 'mocktail' from the previous trip to 'cocktails' this time. Looking forward to seeing the end product of your purchases.


  6. He he! I had no hang over, but still managed to make daft faces at cameras and laugh too loudly :)

    Loving the Moleskine covers; very classy.

    I had an ace time :)


  7. Looks fab, I want to come next time :)


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