Monday, 25 August 2008

A doll called strawberry

It was my friend's little girl's 4th birthday recently, and I had such fun putting together a birthday gift for her. She has a baby doll called Strawberry, who was in need of some new clothes, so I dug out my booklet of dolly knitting patterns, Sirdar 244, which features some corking retro patterns! Luckily plastic dolls aren't known for their fussiness! Also, it's probably a good thing the recipient is too young to remember Crossroads, as the hat rather puts me in mind of Benny.

I searched high and low round London for some little white buttons with strawberries on them for the cardigan to no avail, but I did find the large red strawberry button for the front of the denim tote at All the Fun of the Fair. I had a whole reel of the waxed ribbon with a strawberry print sitting in my stash to prettify the bag. I also embroidered 'Strawberry' in a running stitch at the behest of my very own 4 year old (she had a lot of other clothing ideas, but sadly these were a little difficult to execute!).

Next up I have a 5 year old boy's birthday to buy for - a superhero fan, by all accounts. I'm a little dubious, however, of my ability to make any batman or spiderman themed goodies that would pass muster, so I think I'll be going to the shops this time!


  1. Nice to see the finished articles - what an excellent pressie. The hat not only reminds me of Benny but of Hamble, the ugly doll from playschool. Poor Hamble.

  2. I should add that that's partly from seeing the dolls on the knitting pattern who looked like daughters of Hamble...

    (and while I'm at it - Hamble?? Hamble?? Who calls a doll Hamble?)

  3. That is so cute. I applaud you because making tiny things like that can be very fiddly. What a wonderfult gift.

  4. A super hero cape alwalys goes dwon well!

  5. Oh the mini knitted clothes are wonderfull. After seeing your post, my daughter has now asked for a wooly jumper for her teddy. I shall put it on my VERY LONG list of 'to dos'


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