Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Summer holidays

We're just back from a lovely week in Tenby (on the Pembrokeshire coastline in South Wales). Proof positive that it doesn't always rain in Wales...

...and even when it does, Welsh rain is of course superior

small boy in yellow mac to indicate scale

Top of the list of priorities was visiting some castles for my girl, Manorbier (above) and Carew (below), where there were lots of themed activities for the children, as well as a sword fight in full armour

painting shields - we had to convert our sterling into groats to pay for the activities.
shield painting was a bargain at 1 groat (50p!)

Lots of lovely days on the beach

and evenings on the beach

this particular boy slept for 2 hours, missing the whole beach experience, then woke up as we put him back in the car to say 'I don't want to go to the beach'!

A boat trip to Caldey Island

on a boat flying a Jolly Roger

All in all a lovely holiday!


  1. One of my favourite parts of the world, just love it there. Glad to see the welsh weather held out for you :) Siân

  2. Those are gorgeous pictures. Wales is so historic, actually all of the UK and Europe...Canada is a very young country and you just don't find beautiful old buildings and ruins or anything like that...and here in Calgary; well, everything is new and shiny and made of glass.

  3. Hi Helen
    Glad you had a lovley holiday. It looks GORGEOUS! Brilliant that you got a good weather week too! We were lucky enough to get the only good weather week in Cornwall last year. That beach looks FANTASTIC! xx

  4. That looks a lovely holiday, the seaside suits family holidays so well. I could sit and watch my kids for hours on the beach.

  5. Wow! Wales looks wonderful and the weather looks so hot and sunny. It's strange that a lot of places looks so sunny whereas London was quite miserable last week. Hee! Hee! Glad you had a good time.


  6. e went to Tenby last year, and the weather was fab!
    Here are our Tenby pics:

  7. looks like you had a really lovely time! gorgeous photos - the sleeping boy is priceless

  8. Oh! I saw the beginning of this post about Tenby and I thought of our lovely holiday when my youngest was 3 months old in Manorbier..and lo and behold...!!
    I would love to go back. It was so gorgeous. And we only went becasue some friends had booked it and their daughter broke her leg and they couldn't go so we went. Thank you for the memory.(1985 by the way!)


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