Saturday, 27 September 2008

Knitting Marathon for Age Concern

Any plans for the weekend? Living anywhere near Reading in Berkshire? How about joining in with this year's Knitting Marathon for the Big Knit 2008, organised by Outcast. The event will take place at Picnic in Reading, 2.30pm - 5.30pm on Sunday 28 September.

The aim is to knit as many little hats as possible for Innocent Smoothie bottles to be sold in aid of Age Concern. For every behatted bottle sold, Innocent and Sainsburys will donate 50p to Age Concern. Last year they raised over £200,000.

If you can't make the knitting marathon, but still want to take part, you still have until 17th October to get your knitted headgear to Innocent. Just visit their website for more details, including knitting patterns for the hats!

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

A long week!

Well, it was only a matter of time before I succumbed to the dreaded lurgy with girl, boy and Daddy struck down in turn before me. My children, bless them, have been fantastic at entertaining themselves today, sensing that I was feeling a little delicate. A dose of CBeebies (the Green Balloon club being a favourite at the moment), some duplo play and a packet of felt pens, crayons and paper and they were kept busy all afternoon.

There was a small window of time over the weekend, however, when no-one was poorly, the house was tidy, and everyone was happy, when I made this quick gift for a little girl who's just had her second birthday. Last-Minute Patchwork Gifts really does live up to its name as this was made in not much more than an hour. Hopefully the recipient will be happy! I'm especially pleased with the little chubby triangular pencils found in my local craft shop and had a lot of fun choosing scraps to match the colour of each one. I'm also delighted that finally I've managed to actually make something from one of my numerous sewing books rather than just using them as coffee table books!

Friday, 19 September 2008

Is it really Friday?

looking surprisingly cheerful, in spite of their ordeal!

Where did the week go? I'm in a bit of a haze this evening. The payoff for the boy starting playgroup is, of course, exposure to all kinds of bugs and viruses - it was only a matter of time! I'll spare you the details, just a picture of the teddies lined up on the washing line. It's lucky it's been sunny these past couple of days ... you have never seen so much laundry!

As I type, a very tired little girl and boy are being bathed by their daddy. Bedtime stories soon, and at this rate I will be going to bed straight after them! Thank goodness it's Friday.

The week hasn't been all vomiting though! We've been enjoying some lovely sunshine these past couple of days, a Daddy celebrated his birthday with a cake baked by the children, and joy-of-all-joys, I took delivery of our new bathroom suite. I really can't wait for the bathroom makeover - we've lived with our increasingly crumbling and mouldering bathroom for the two years since we've been here, with me apologising every time anyone goes upstairs (seriously - at times I have contemplated a sign on the door saying 'please don't judge me by my bathroom'). Finally, we'll be ripping it out (when I say we ...). Hooray! Work starts in 10 days or so. I shall be a very happy person when it's all done. Finally, the possibility of a relaxing bath!

sensible older sister trying to restrain the boy from consuming all the cake decorations!

A quiet weekend lies ahead of us now - who knows, I might even get to do some sewing! Hopefully I will have photos to share on Sunday.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Home alone

It turns out that 2 hours is not nearly as long as I thought ... After getting reacquainted with the hoover and cleaning the bathroom, this photo represents the sum total of the crafting I managed with the winks out of the house. No actual sewing, or even cutting, just some admiring of recent additions to my stash!

It was eerily quiet this morning, with both the children out, and lovely to pick them up at the end of playgroup and school and hear their reports from the day. Apparently my daughter's school canteen was 'like London', it was so busy! I also got to hear about all the rules and regulations for the classroom and playground (this is one child who I suspect will never step out of line!).

After school we made pizzas - clearly neither child was exhausted by their day judging by the gusto with which they attacked the dough.

Ta da! Pizza with homemade sweet red pepper and tomato sauce, parma ham, mozarella and, of course, lots of black pepper!

I think we all had a pretty good day, really!

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Anyone for a scrap challenge?

I saw this today over at JC Handmade - it looks like fun, so I've signed up! If you want to join in the fun, you have until 9pm ET tonight, 14 September (I make that 2am in the UK for any night owls!), and it's limited to the first 100 commenters. I love the idea of getting a mixed bag of surprise scraps, and it'll be nice to work on something a bit different. Goodness knows I have enough offcuts of fabric I've been hanging on to in my stash!

Saturday, 13 September 2008

New beginnings

I've been a little silent on the blogging front this last week. That's because I've been trying to pack in as many 'good mummy' activities as possible - little outings, messy crafting, baking cakes.

As of Monday morning, I will have a daughter in school full time and a son attending playgroup for two mornings a week. I can't believe how quickly my time at home with my girl has gone now that she's going into reception class. And my little boy seems so small too, when I think of packing him off for those two morning sessions. It remains to be seen how easily the transition goes - I forsee some tears from the younger one, and maybe a few from me too!

That leaves me with a whole four hours alone in the house each week ... whatever will I do?

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

It's definitely Autumn ...

... well, it must be, because look what's just come through my letterbox:

the Autumn issue of Marie Claire Idées and the Autumn issue of Ottobre Design Kids Fashion.

Lots of great inspiration in Marie Claire Idées:
  • a section of crafting for babies, including these cute pram rattles and instructions for lining a moses basket

  • Sashiko style table mat - I'm really keen to try this

  • lots of shopping features like this one

And more cute patterns in Ottobre design:

  • very sweet set for a baby girl - love those corduroy trousers and the shirt with peter pan collar

  • skirts and tops for older girls with pretty stitched and printed details

  • lovely styling on some knit tops and jackets for boys

  • and plenty more possibilities

If I even start half the projects I have in mind, I'll have a very busy Autumn!
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