Monday, 15 September 2008

Home alone

It turns out that 2 hours is not nearly as long as I thought ... After getting reacquainted with the hoover and cleaning the bathroom, this photo represents the sum total of the crafting I managed with the winks out of the house. No actual sewing, or even cutting, just some admiring of recent additions to my stash!

It was eerily quiet this morning, with both the children out, and lovely to pick them up at the end of playgroup and school and hear their reports from the day. Apparently my daughter's school canteen was 'like London', it was so busy! I also got to hear about all the rules and regulations for the classroom and playground (this is one child who I suspect will never step out of line!).

After school we made pizzas - clearly neither child was exhausted by their day judging by the gusto with which they attacked the dough.

Ta da! Pizza with homemade sweet red pepper and tomato sauce, parma ham, mozarella and, of course, lots of black pepper!

I think we all had a pretty good day, really!


  1. I did think the 2 hours would fly by.... lovely colour cloth there.
    Pass us a slice of pizza if there is any left!

  2. It sounds like the new routine for everybody is off to a flying start. That pizza looks delicious!

  3. Oh that pizza looks so yummy. I love involving children in cooking. I'm glad you are settling well into your new routine. My rascal has been going to bed early and waking up early now (she use to go to bed really late).

  4. Glad it all went well. 2 hours really just do it does it?!

  5. A very good day indeed! Pizza looks very tasty.

  6. don't worry .. you will soon come to enjoy the silence! Glad they enjoyed it all too. We had pizzas yesterday too! I'd forgotton how nice home made pizza is.

  7. Mmm. Pizza...

    I think once you get used to the idea of having the two hours you'll figure out how to squeeze in what you want to do. It's just not quite as long as you think is it? :)

  8. I agree. Nowadays I feel the time is going pass so far without realising.
    Wow! I haven't made pizza for ages. It looks very delicious!


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