Friday, 19 September 2008

Is it really Friday?

looking surprisingly cheerful, in spite of their ordeal!

Where did the week go? I'm in a bit of a haze this evening. The payoff for the boy starting playgroup is, of course, exposure to all kinds of bugs and viruses - it was only a matter of time! I'll spare you the details, just a picture of the teddies lined up on the washing line. It's lucky it's been sunny these past couple of days ... you have never seen so much laundry!

As I type, a very tired little girl and boy are being bathed by their daddy. Bedtime stories soon, and at this rate I will be going to bed straight after them! Thank goodness it's Friday.

The week hasn't been all vomiting though! We've been enjoying some lovely sunshine these past couple of days, a Daddy celebrated his birthday with a cake baked by the children, and joy-of-all-joys, I took delivery of our new bathroom suite. I really can't wait for the bathroom makeover - we've lived with our increasingly crumbling and mouldering bathroom for the two years since we've been here, with me apologising every time anyone goes upstairs (seriously - at times I have contemplated a sign on the door saying 'please don't judge me by my bathroom'). Finally, we'll be ripping it out (when I say we ...). Hooray! Work starts in 10 days or so. I shall be a very happy person when it's all done. Finally, the possibility of a relaxing bath!

sensible older sister trying to restrain the boy from consuming all the cake decorations!

A quiet weekend lies ahead of us now - who knows, I might even get to do some sewing! Hopefully I will have photos to share on Sunday.


  1. Hi, I know how you feel about the bathroom, we've recently got rid of our old one, new kitchen nearly done as well.
    Hope you get some sewing done over the weekend.
    Maria x

  2. Perhaps a quiet weekend is the idea time to start stocking up on nice bubble bath and treats in readiness for new bathroom! Sadly I do not have a quiet weekend, but I think I really need one! Enjoy yours! x

  3. Oh you poor thing...and yes I am talking about's always hardest on the mommy. Hope you take a little time out and have a nice cup of herbal tea and read a happy magazine.

  4. Hope your son gets well soon. My daughter came back with a cough after her first week at school. We are quite lucky that our current neighbours are very understanding and allows us to put the washing machine on at night.

    Yay, for your bathroom! I remember the joy of getting a new bath room suite for our current flat with a big shower (I love my showers). Just to warn you about all the dust during the works. We had a wall knocked down as well which made it worst.


  5. To which I should add - is it really Monday? My goodness, I have no idea what happened to that weekend.

    Hoorah for you and the bathroom. I can't wait to see how it turns out. You'll love it :)

  6. We are with you on the quiet weekends otherwise they won't cope at school! Good luck with the bathroom.

  7. Oh, goodness, poor you, nothing worse than sick children... it's exhausting and they produce the most incredible amount of washing!

    I hope the bathroom installation goes smoothly.

  8. Hope you had a relaxing weekend! Poor you... I hope you are better now. Even Wesley is ill! I think something is going around at the moment.
    Enjoy the new bathroom! :D


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