Wednesday, 3 September 2008

It's definitely Autumn ...

... well, it must be, because look what's just come through my letterbox:

the Autumn issue of Marie Claire Idées and the Autumn issue of Ottobre Design Kids Fashion.

Lots of great inspiration in Marie Claire Idées:
  • a section of crafting for babies, including these cute pram rattles and instructions for lining a moses basket

  • Sashiko style table mat - I'm really keen to try this

  • lots of shopping features like this one

And more cute patterns in Ottobre design:

  • very sweet set for a baby girl - love those corduroy trousers and the shirt with peter pan collar

  • skirts and tops for older girls with pretty stitched and printed details

  • lovely styling on some knit tops and jackets for boys

  • and plenty more possibilities

If I even start half the projects I have in mind, I'll have a very busy Autumn!


  1. Yesterday I've just bought Marie Claire idées! Sashiko style caught my eye also - I love black/white!
    Unfortunatly we can't find Ottobre here...
    I look forward to your next works :))

  2. I wonder if that Ottobre is what I need as I am just thinking about clothes for my little girl and want some simple patterns. Have you made much from the magazines?

  3. oh lucky you, those magazines look fantastic.

  4. I love it when a new magazine drops through the letter box and those two look excellent!

  5. Sometimes I just don't know what to do with all the ideas buzzing around my head, never mind read magazines with more!! But they do look beautiful! x

  6. Now where do you get your Marie Claire Idees from? Do you subscribe?

    At the moment I am asking my mother to bring it back from France with her, as she is over there reasonably often. But what do I do when her trips no longer coincide with a new edition of MCI?!

  7. Ooh - new Idees! Suddenly I'm looking forward to hubby's next business trip - he can bring me one back!

  8. The new MCI looks great, I love the Sashiko black stitching beautiful in its simplicity.

  9. Wow!! They look so great! Such an inspiration. Don't you just wish you had 10 pairs of hands to do all your crafts?

  10. These magazines look lovely. Do you subscribe and are they issued each season?

    I look forward to seeing some project from these magazines.


  11. The Marie Claire Idees is the greatest magazine. They always have amazing projects to think about. I like their decor magazine as well.

  12. wow - love that sashiko tablemat

    and tell me Ms Angharad, have you changed your blog banner? (or have I just been away too long?) - either way - looking very beautiful!

  13. Just to reply to those who asked for more details (sorry blogger doesn't give me everyone's addresses to reply personally).
    I subscribe to Ottobre and Marie Claire Idees. If you follow the links in the post you can subscribe from there. Marie Claire Idees and Ottobre Kids Fashion come out 4 times a year. It's my first issue of Marie Claire Idees, but I've had 3 of the Ottobre magazines to date and found them full of lovely patterns. The only nightmare is tracing off the pattern pieces, but otherwise they're excellent.


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