Saturday, 13 September 2008

New beginnings

I've been a little silent on the blogging front this last week. That's because I've been trying to pack in as many 'good mummy' activities as possible - little outings, messy crafting, baking cakes.

As of Monday morning, I will have a daughter in school full time and a son attending playgroup for two mornings a week. I can't believe how quickly my time at home with my girl has gone now that she's going into reception class. And my little boy seems so small too, when I think of packing him off for those two morning sessions. It remains to be seen how easily the transition goes - I forsee some tears from the younger one, and maybe a few from me too!

That leaves me with a whole four hours alone in the house each week ... whatever will I do?


  1. 2 hours will fly by once you get used to having some free time, suddenly a sainsburys trip becomes so much quicker too. Best of luck to you all for next week.

  2. Hiya! My daughter started full time nursery last week. I took a day off work to take her to school, then I had about 6 hours free which felt a bit strange. I spent most of it doing housework and then finished off some sewing.

    The kids are growing so fast.

  3. That picture of the cake is making my mouth water...

    My son has just started school and my daughter started preschool (2 mornings), but the times overlap, so I'm not left with much time to myself. Darn.

    I hope it goes well. Good luck.

  4. Oh trust me when I say those four hours will become the most coveted hours and ... well, they will be filled with activities of all kinds and will fly by sooooo quickly. Children grow up so fast. Oh and by the way, that

  5. sew, sew and then sew. Except that there always seems to be something to stop and get in the way!

  6. The time flies by, when my son was at nursery 2 1/2 hours went by in about 5 mins!
    Hope you all make a smooth transition to the new routine.x

  7. I just cant imagine what you might do with all that time ... build a sewing room perhaps?? xx Good luck tomorrow. x

  8. Surely you will profit very well those free(?) hours!
    Good luck!

  9. Somehow the time never seems as much as it should. Then there's less because you race between time slots set by school and then playgroup and don't even think about all the outings that don't match up time wise, in the summer. Enjoy it - it's a lovely time and fun to see you children grow.


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