Monday, 13 October 2008

Blue skies and sunshine

Thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes for my daughter in my last post. Here, have a slice of birthday cake -

Regular readers of this blog may notice a likeness to the last birthday cake and realise that my own cake-decoration skills are almost on a par with those of a two and almost-five year old!

It's been a blissful weekend of sunshine and bright blue skies. The birthday girl had a tea party in the garden with some friends on Sunday - not something we had ever thought would happen with a birthday in October!

On Saturday we had a relaxed day with my mum visiting from Wales. After a leisurely lunch on the patio of a country pub, we headed up to Burnham Beeches, a mere hop skip and a jump from where we live, for a wander in the woods.

There was paddling in streams, picking the last few blackberries of the season, and some tree climbing.

A forest ramble (well, by a 2 year old's standards!) ranks as one of my children's favourite days out. Hopefully the lovely weather will continue so we can fit in some more lovely Autumnal walks very soon.


  1. It was a beautiful weekend wasn't it. We made a dash out for a picnic and walk on sunday and felt a very happy family!

  2. It really was a blissfull weekend, we managed a wonder along the Thames. Love the cake too, smarties and chocolate cake what could be better!

  3. I agree, it was a lovely weekend. We went for a walk in Hamstead Heath and my work colleague asked whether I've been abroad today as I look tanned??


  4. Nothing wrong with having a 'cake style', particularly if it involves chocolate! Very envious of your walk, what lovely autumnal fun.

  5. Wasn't the lovely sunshine a welcome bonus. Really lifted my spirits.
    Cake looks great, chocolate is always good!

  6. Oh me too! i loved forest ramples. I remember every sunday asking to go to "blackness" which was our nearest wood/seaside/rambly place .. first time i've thought about that place in years .. v. delicious looking cake! x

  7. I used to wander around Burnham Beeches in my wayward 20s. How much more I'd appreciate it now.

    And I would love a cake like that - for one thing, I'm older so more smarties...

  8. Thanks for the cake. What a beautiful day to celebrate a birthday.

  9. tee hee....I love those pink boots. Must say I would wear those myself.


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