Saturday, 4 October 2008

I'm still here, honest

This last week seems to have gone by in the blink of an eye. Work began on the new bathroom this week, and in the absence of a downstairs toilet, this has meant that my boy and I have barely been at home, wandering from place to place by day whilst my girl and my husband are at school. As a result, I haven't been snatching those usual few minutes each day to reply to comments and emails and visit blogs and I'm even more behind than ever. So here are some of the things I never got around to blogging about last week!

The Knitting Marathon organised by Outcast went really well, with 109 hats knitted in all, as we all sat in the sunshine outside Picnic in Reading. There was cake and coffee and lots of chatting as those needles clicked away. I found it very liberating to knit 'freestyle' for a change, albeit on a very small scale, as I'm normally the kind of knitter who likes to follow a pattern! It was so nice to meet lots of new people too, including Lupin of Bugs and Fishes, as well as the other Outcast knitters.

I seem to be absent-mindedly doing a brownie guide salute here

when I used to live in Reading, this was a busy bus lane, but has luckily been pedestrianised now!

look at Knithappens' fantastic bunting!

See the Innocent website for more details of the campaign. I've been checking the hatometer regularly, and it seems that things are on target to raise that £250,000 for Age Concern.

Also this week I have been sewing! Yes, this really is a craft blog! I had a custom order for some clutch bags for a wedding party to work on, which was very enjoyable. It was also an excuse to do some fabric shopping to fit in with the bride's colour scheme - this gorgeous brown herringbone tweed.

I really enjoy making these and have a few more in the works, including a version in the brown and gold jacquard fabric above. Is it only me, who in spite of the best intentions, finds it impossible to come away with only the item intended when shopping for fabric? There always seems to be something else I need!


  1. Love those chocolate bags - gorgeous!

  2. How funny, I was just in the middle of an email to you to see whether you were still alive and then thought I'd check your blog and find that you were actually here yesterday! Horay!

    Wishing you a quick & speedy toilet is so horrible having to take yourself out of the house all the time.

    Anyway, I was emailing you as a happy distraction from changing over everyone's wardrobes from Summer to Winter clothes - oh for a house big enough to leave them all out the whole year round...but now that I know that you are still here, I should probably get straight back to it....urg.


  3. Hi,great pictures of all those busy knitters.
    I love the bags, very pretty ribbon ties.

  4. Those are fabulous little bags. Gorgeous, rich color. Hope your bathroom reno goes quickly...having gone through one that lasted 9 months I know how inconvenient these things are.

  5. Cute bags!!! I love the ribbon detail, very femenine. :):):)


  6. Love your clutch bags! Hope the bathroom gets finished soon.

  7. Love those gorgeous clutch bags. They look so inviting...

  8. Hi! I hope the bathroom is coming on fine. I live two minutes away from a lovely family owned pub where I asked them whether I could borrow the toilet while mine was being installed last year.

    The photos of the Knitathon looks great, the weather was lovely too.

    The brown bags looks lovely.


  9. oooooo, good pictures, the bags are making me feel hungry bizarrely - must be the chocolate-ness

  10. I love those brown bags, and know exaclty what you mean about fabric shopping. Last time I went to get essential supplies for a commission, I spent double the amount I need to ... there must be a way to be stronger surely??? x

  11. Oh those bags are just lovely. Top quality stitchery!

    Hopefully the toilet is back in its rightful place - it's horrific at the time but the memory soon fades. And remember - pictures! I love a bathroom makeover :)

  12. That hat is cute!! I think it's fiddly to knit a small thing.
    I know the day is becoming busier and busier. My place is becoming messier at the same time.
    The ribbon clutches are so stylish. It goes really well with the fabrics. :D they would be ideal for Christmas!


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