Thursday, 23 October 2008

A quiet house

It's quiet here. Eerily quiet. Especially considering both the children are at home with me. I can't quite believe it - I might have to pinch myself - but BOTH my children are asleep. To be honest, just lately, there's barely been any sleep at night, and daytime naps are unheard of in this house. I was just snatching 5 minutes to check emails and found one was asleep on the sofa and the other in his bed curled up with a Thomas the Tank magazine. So it's a stealthy cup of tea and a slice of bara brith for me and a blissful 5 minutes peace!

Just enough time to share my latest sewing project. I've had a few clasp purse frames in my stash for a while now and hadn't got around to using them yet, so in a fit of purposefulness (on the back of my unusual decisiveness with the scrap challenge quilt), I made good use of those 2 hours while the boy was at playgroup yesterday. If you haven't seen them already, Lisa has two great tutorials on how to make your own patterns for a clasp purse frame which guided me through the process (thank you, Lisa!). I think these may be my new obsession - so quick and easy to make.

I also wanted to share a new fabric shop find. I was looking at Julia's blog at Primrose Corner this week and noticed that she was having an Amy Butler fabric sale in her shop. Amy Butler fabric sale you say? I'm there! So a couple of clicks and a day later, a lovely package of Amy Butler home decor weight fabric arrived on my doorstep. Thanks, Julia!

Thanks for all the comments on the scrap challenge quilt and blog-aversary giveaway post. I'll be drawing a winner for the giveaway on Saturday evening, so still time to put your name in the hat if you haven't already.

Oh well, back to mummy duties for me as it looks like nap time is over. It was good while it lasted!


  1. Oh thank goodness for tea and cake. Sounds like you've had your hands full lately. I like bara brith enormously - oop north me granny just calls it 'tea loaf', but the welsh sounds so much nicer.

    Bad woman for pointing me in the direction of Amy Butler on sale...

  2. Hi! Yay for good tutorials! The purse look great. Did you get the frame from Lisa's shop as well? I'm SO TEMPTED to make one. Also thanks for the tip on Amy Butler fabrics. I will have a look.


  3. Beautiful purse, thanks for posting the tutorial!

    Whilst I am here I have tagged you in my blog, a little meme, please have a look for more info. :)


  4. Purse making is so addictive! It looks very nice. It's good that the house is quiet - you can concentrate on your project. Now that Wesley is always at home (looking for a new job) even he is not a kid (may be he is!) I don't have much time for myself!

  5. Thanks for the lovely mention. I really appreciate it.

  6. I love the purses that you've been making - I made one a while ago, but used the frame off an old purse. I should have bought a new frame and saved myself some swearing. Just too impatient to order something from the Uk...


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