Saturday, 18 October 2008

Scrap challenge and giveaway

So the car's broken (again), which means another repair to pay for (again). I am wondering whether my children will stop coughing and sneezing this side of Christmas. Also, the boy seems to have a touch of earache this evening, so I'm crossing fingers that Calpol will work its magic as we have a 90th birthday party to go to tomorrow.

But I won't dwell on any of that. Instead, I'll say thank you very much for all your good wishes for my blog birthday and my pattern being accepted for the book. As mentioned in my last post, I'm going to do a small giveaway to celebrate, so if you'd like to receive the 3 items below, please leave a comment on this post and I'll draw a winner in a week's time on 25th October. All are welcome to enter, overseas or UK, regular commenters, lurkers or new visitors.

matryoshka tissue holder, panda coin purse and cherries pencil case

You'll need to check back at the end of the week to see if you've won as unfortunately blogger doesn't provide me with everyone's email addresses to contact you directly.

I spent this morning setting to work on my scrap challenge from JC Handmade. I've thoroughly enjoyed working on this project. It's been so good for me in curbing my natural tendency to overplan a project and thus never actually get started on it! The rules were that we should aim to have a finished item in 1-2 weeks, and with sewing time pretty scarce around here, I jumped at the opportunity to spend a couple of hours on my project this morning.

In the spirit of the 'scrap' challenge, I used only what I had at home to complete the project rather than buying new supplies and used as much of each piece of fabric as possible. The little houses theme suggested itself to me when I first looked at the individual dimensions of the scraps I received. Otherwise I tried to keep things very simple as I didn't want to introduce too many new elements, just the flower buttons and their embroidered green stems.

The quilt has been gifted to my daughter for the new doll she received for her birthday, and also as a little reward for being child of the week at school this week! She's absolutely thrilled with it (though she did momentarily query the lack of windows), and to my delight, she started identifying the types of houses exactly as I had conceived them.

Thus the two small houses with triangular roofs are bungalows, the yellow and blue house are town houses, and the house in the top right corner is 'a house like ours' - i.e. a classic 3 up 2 down semi (though note that the one 'like ours' is the smallest of the lot, and that it's divided between 2 families!).

This is all the more fitting as it's the scrap of fabric that I sent in that forms the roof to the house.

What I enjoyed most about this project was working with fabrics that I probably never would have put together myself, and the fun of seeing how everyone else in my group has dealt with the very same scraps. So thanks, Jennifer, for organising a great challenge!


  1. I love the little house quilt! So cute! And the pouches giveaways are so neat, too!

  2. A giveaway. How much fun. Please include me.
    The scrap challenge quilt is adorable. Also congratulations on your moleskin organizer being published. VERY EXCITING.

  3. Oh, Helen, congratulations for the news!(better later than never)
    These days so many things passed by!
    Congratulations for the blog anniversary and the publication!
    And thnaks for the giveaway :)))

  4. Love the scrap challenge quilt.Congrats on your blogaversary

  5. oh no, hope they get better soon : (

  6. Hope your children recover soon. My rascal has been coughing too and had sticky eyes yesterday.

    The quilt looks lovely, I like the way you used the zigzag function to sew the houses onto the fabric.

    Good luck to me on your giveaway (Hee! Hee!) I like the panda fabric zipper purse.


  7. Gorgeous quilt. Lovely giveaway. I am having one too so come and visit.

  8. that little quilt is absolutely gorgeous...know what you mean about overthinking projects...sometimes it is best just to jump straight in.

    lovely giveaways too...count me in please!

  9. Hope your children are feeling better now. Change of the season is always bad with cold etc.
    I love the quilt - I like the fact the houses are different. It's amazing how quickly you have made it! Cute cute give aways!

  10. WOW! you were quick off the mark with that? I still haven't received my scraps yet .. :( your quilt is lovely though! xx

  11. Thats a good idea to use your scraps as it makes really good use of the tiny little scraps.

  12. Ooooh!! A giveaway :o) I've been on your Etsy shop a few times and have been quite tempted by your lovely handmade items and now I may even be lucky enough to have one (three)!

    I think the current flu/cold thingy is making the rounds here as well :( Hope the children are well soon!

    Nikki (a regular lurker)

  13. The lady in the chemist told me that that it's because we have a bad summer that the children are suffering so many colds. We certainly seem to be suffereing consecutive colds at the moment.

    That's a lovely set of houses on your quilt I hope 'dolly' appreciates it. Great flowers!

  14. Hello I joined blooger just to comment. That is fantastic news about the book. I love the scrap quilt.
    I read your blog regularly as I love the work you do. Myself I'm a FT working parent of an under 3 who'd rather be at home with him and trying to attempt some crafting than sitting at her desk counting numbers.

  15. That is great news about the book. I'll keep reading to see when the actual published date is as I love books like that!
    I love the scrap quilt. It has given me ideas about what to give to my next doors little girl for Christmas instead of a commercially bought toy.


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