Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Scrap challenge

It's here - my envelope full of fabric scraps for JC Handmade's Spare a Square Scrap Challenge has arrived! So far all I've done is open the envelope and photograph the fabrics in various different arrangements. I'm thinking that this will be an excellent challenge for me, as my normal tendency is to procrastinate and endlessly defer making actual items as I'm so busy unfolding and refolding my fabric stash. The 1-2 week time limit will force me to be a bit more decisive for once! I notice that there are already photographs of some lovely finished items in the flickr group pool.

the fabric I sent in the piece in the top right corner - a piece of a vintage daisy print fabric

I've got some really pretty scraps to play with, so I'm waiting for inspiration to strike so that I can get sewing!


  1. oh lordy that looks hard!!! (I wrote you an email without checking bloglines first!!). Looking forward to see what you come up with. I haven't received my parcel yet .. boo hoo!


  2. The fabric scraps are so pretty. Look forward to seeing what you make with them.


  3. Crikey that's a brave sort of challenge to sign up to - I think with everything else my brain would just fizzle, but perhaps there's something in not being allowed to procrastinate...

  4. A fun challange, looking forward to see what you make.

  5. A very pretty selection of scrap fabrics you have there. I never know what to do with mine. They are all in a bag and a box and I haven't touched it for a while...


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