Wednesday, 26 November 2008

On my to-do list

I'm bad with lists. I like making them as they make me feel organised. However, I never actually manage to tick off all the things on the first list before embarking on yet another list. It's a serious condition ...

This week I'm determined to make a start on at least some of the projects on my Christmas crafting list. The trouble is the list just keeps on growing. The latest addition is this dress for my girl from the winter edition of Ottobre (6/2008).

The one in the magazine is made in a dark viscose jersey, but I'm picturing one in a red stretchy velour. I don't have the best track record working with stretchy fabrics, so this one might well be another steep learning curve. I always have the best intentions of making my girl a Christmas dress and then run out of time - hopefully this will be the year I actually manage to tick that one off the list!

Next on the list is an Amy Butler Weekender bag for my mum, who has requested an overnight bag for Christmas.
I'm a little alarmed by the sound of all the layers of interfacings (both fusible and sew-in), piping, and exterior and lining in home decorator weight fabric - fingers crossed my machine will cope!

I'm already a few repeats into the lace ribbon scarf and love the way Skein Queen's Firecracker yarn is knitting up.
This one is going to be a Christmas gift - just need to schedule in a few more knitting hours here and there.

There's plenty more on the list, but for now I'm going to concentrate on these 3 - trying to be a good girl and finish at least one project before starting on the next!


  1. So do I! My list increases instead of decreases...and I can't share things already made because lots of family read my blog...
    But these three thing are great projects, I'm sure next week you show evrything finished, Helen!

  2. I'm like that with lists! Not only do I keep thinking of things to put on them, before i've finished what's already there, but then someone says "how much for one of those that you've made?" and I say .. "Oh i can make a special one of those for you in fabrics of your choice"! thus adding even more to the never ending list ! Am I stupid or what??!!! x

  3. Oh I love a list. I never finish them ever, but I love making them.

    I so love that fabric for the weekender. It's one of my favourites and I want it in every colour.

    (And I do exactly what Julia does when people ask about things. I'm going to stop that :)

  4. I love a list too! Somethings never get crossed off but I like the fact that they are on the list as I don't have to worry about remembering them - does that make sense!
    Love th scarf, wonderful colour.

  5. Oh blast you Helen, everytime I click on your blog to see if you have posted - must sort bloglines - I see those gorgeous mittens and I sooo want them! Sigh. Know what you mean about lists and the present making. Orders have suddenly started appearing all over the place and panic is setting in nicely now! xx

  6. I love a good list and it usually makes me feel much better except when there is a deadline, then I prefer to bury my head in the sand!
    Lovely dress pattern

  7. Lists! Ummmh, I have loads of lists and as far as I can work out they only get longer. They make me feel organised though, even if inside I might be screaming at the amount of stuff on it. Sometimes I write - Drink tea.... just so that I can feel good about crossing something of. Sad I know. Love that little girls dress.

  8. I have to make lists as I am constantly forgetting, but then I also have a habit of loosing the list too! Love the weekend bag, hope it works out well, I have never tried one of Amy Butlers patterns.

  9. I have to make lists as I am constantly forgetting, but then I also have a habit of loosing the list too! Love the weekend bag, hope it works out well, I have never tried one of Amy Butlers patterns.

  10. That dress in red would be so cute. She would look like a little elf. I have looked at Amy Butler's patterns and find they are complicated...I would love to see a pic of the bag once you finish is one of my favorite bags of hers.

  11. I'm making a lace ribbon scarf for myself. Love that pattern! Veronik Avery is such a genius!

    I'm doing a handmade Christmas this year, and people who get wooly gifts from me will also get a cedar/lavender sachet for their knit drawers.

    Yay for the holidays!

  12. Oooh, I need to know how you get on with the weekeder bag - I have had the pattern and fabric for months but I am scared!


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