Saturday, 8 November 2008

Reasons I have been an absent blogger this week

I've been intending to blog all week, but my pesky laptop is really playing up. I have a screen which suddenly goes blank or won't power up, a power lead which has started chirping like a cricket and only intermittently supplies power, a battery which has a life of all of 15 minutes, and a wireless connection which is patchy at best. So frustrating! I know it's about to die, which will leave me without internet access at all - how will I cope?? If all goes suddenly silent, you'll know why.

It's been a good week, but a busy one. We celebrated bonfire night on Wednesday, with all the right ingredients.

A warming autumnal butternut squash soup, a slightly less healthy second course of hot dogs with fried onions, and a mini firework display set up by daddy in the back garden while the children watched from the safety (and warmth!) of the house with me. They loved the fireworks, but not enough to do away with the safety barrier of our patio doors. My boy kept on saying 'it's like a half a square' - it took my girl to decipher his meaning - 'it's like trafalgar square'!

Then there have been the frantic preparations for the craft fair next weekend in Bracknell. I'm joining some of the ladies from Outcast in a joint stall effort. It's the first time I will have taken part, and I'm more than a little worried I'll end up spending more than I make, especially with Skein Queen's lovely yarns in such close proximity! Today I have been cutting out fabric for a large batch of pencil cases and tissue holders, and I'll shortly be cranking up the sewing machine to try and get them all done this evening. So many other things on my to-make list I'm trying not to think about it.

It was nice though to have my little girl set up camp with her sewing things next to me - she's freestyling a pair of pyjamas for her brother, apparently. Though she has a lovely stash of brightly coloured and patterned felt, she keeps on eagle-eyeing my pretty prints and squirelling away all the small offcuts. She's developing some expensive tastes!


  1. My daughter does exactly the same with my fabric stash! I have had to hide all the Liberty prints (not that I ever do anything with them except for stroke them of course!)

  2. the week of sweatshopping begins...I spent yesterday on tissue holders funnily enough :) I'll be glad when normal sewing activities can resume.

  3. Hi Helen!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who keeps their child/children behind the patio/balcony doors. I'm love fireworks, but only at a distant.

    Good luck with your craft fair. I will be frantically testing out all my receipes over the next few weeks for the Wemake fair.


  4. Good luck in Bracknell ... luckily the pub next door to us (a few doors down) has a firework display ever year so we too watch from the comfort of our conservatory! much more comfortable than standingout in the freezing rain - don't know about you but it ALWAYS rains here on firework night!! x

  5. Hope the laptop holds up. My grandmother was a seamstress and I remember sneaking away with all kinds of scraps of fabric - such fun. That hot dog looks really has been a long, long time since I had a hot dog.

  6. Hope the fair goes well for you. Like you say though they are tempting plces to be. My daughter is older than yours (11) but the sewing with company is great fun until they believe you've got it wrong because teacher says.... No, we do have a good time sewing together. She just pinches my favourite buttons:(

  7. Good luck with the craft fair. It is so sweet of your daughter to make things with you! :D My computer has become a part of my body organ at the moment - I cannot live without! I hope our computer works better. Have a wonderful weekend!


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