Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Busy busy busy!

So much going on this week, and no, I haven't even really made a start on ticking items off the list. I am obviously a bad mum as everyone else I chat to outside school and playgroup seems to have trees up, cards written and presents bought. I haven't even thought about Christmas yet. And then there's the small matter of the boy with a third birthday just over a week before. Aaaarrgh! (keep calm, don't panic).

My etsy shop is keeping me quite busy at the moment. A few custom orders on the go, mostly for moleskine/journal organisers.

I just posted this one off this morning, and have another 2 to sew this week. I also had my 100th etsy sale this week! Call me disorganised but I hadn't quite clocked that I was near my 100th sale, so hadn't even thought about the free goodies I'd always planned to throw in. The list is definitely getting longer and not shorter, but isn't that always the way with lists?

I'm really excited to see this week that the first issue of the brand new online magazine UK handmade is out. I've been involved in this in a very small way, and it's been so exciting to see the whole thing take shape thanks to a lot of hard work by the editors. Do pop over to the website to view or download the first issue. There's also a giveaway to celebrate the launch of the magazine which you can find details of on the UK handmade blog. There's still time to put your name in the hat if you'd like to win 1 of the 5 goodie bags pictured below:

Anyway, time to get on with that list. I did buy some fabric today to line the weekender, so that's a start. Hopefully I'll be back with some actual progress soon!


  1. Congratulations, Helen. For everything - your shop,the magazine,the perfect things you make.
    It's a pity we haven't English needle work magazines nearby - perhaps in special points in Lisbon. We have several French and Italian and can't understand why not English ones

  2. Oh your stuff is soooooooo gorgeous!!

    Please stop by my blog when you have a moment, I've left an award for you♥


  3. congrats on all those sales Helen, how fantastic!
    love those journal organizers!!!

  4. Congratulations Helen! 100 sales is wonderful.

    I love those organisers even though I can see how it would be 'interesting' to topstitch them :)

  5. Congratulations, marvelous,
    the work you do is so lovely.
    I've registered for on-line mag. It looks like a real winner, shame though, it isn't international with the giveaway....

  6. Oh, that is so cute! I can see it is very well made (especially the pencil part!) Congratulations on your Etsy and magazine!

  7. You are not alone in not having Christmas ready! I have yet to buy Christmas cards and the thought of a tree up now is too much for me to think about yet. The new magazine sounds great and am about to pop over and have a read. Congratulations on your 100th sale too.

  8. oooh that organiser is GORGEOUS! I am jealous of your perfect stitching! I too haven't thought about xmas! well .. not beyond the sewing machine activities anyway! x

  9. Golly you have been busy Helen. Well done on the mag and I love that moleskin journal. Just gorgeous xx

  10. How cute is the hedgehog!!

    Really beautiful

  11. Ah, never fear, I haven't started on Christmas cards and mine have to make it across the Atlantic before my parents fly the other way across the Atlantic. Never going to happen.

    Congratulations on all the sales!

  12. You work looks so well made. Congratulations on your shop, you are very good at what you do.

  13. Hi Helen,

    You are not a bad Mum, I think you are great Mum. I still have a lot to tick of my list, which is growing as I speak.

    I really like your journal organisers, it's so well made.

    Thanks for the link for UK Handmade, something to read over the Christmas break.


  14. Beautiful journal organizer. I really like that.

  15. beautiful BEAUTIFUL organizers! and thanks for the link to ukhandmade


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