Tuesday, 16 December 2008

A week of sewing

look away now if you are my mother - spoiler alert!

part of the to-sew pile

I can't believe it's almost a fortnight since my last post. Things have been pretty hectic with Christmas preparations as well as the usual day to day things. I have a poorly girl and boy at home today - hoping this is the last of it so that everyone's well over Christmas. I could also have done without our burglar alarm going off at 3.30am this morning for no apparent reason, although it did mean that we got to see a fox in the front garden that we would otherwise have missed.

Feeling a bit more organised, finally. I managed to skive off for a day of Christmas shopping the weekend before last, so we at least have some presents sorted and the boy's birthday is now in hand too. I've also been sewing a lot over the last week. I started out with one of those daunting piles of fabric that represent my to-do list last Wednesday - some already cut out, some where I hadn't even made a start. It's been really nice to tick a few things of the list this week making me feel a little more in control.

Here are my finished objects for the week:

another 2 sets of these Christmas decorations

miscellaneous fabric bits and pieces

a made-to-order moleskine organiser

another custom moleskine organiser

And last but not least, my mum's weekend bag:

... okay so this is a bit of a cheat as it's not totally finished yet, but only the lining left to do now. I'm absurdly pleased with this bag; my poor husband has had to put up with me asking 'how lovely is this?' approximately every 5 minutes. The pattern is so well put together, I love everything about it and I'm already planning my next one. I'll post some more pics once its completely finished and lined.

Meanwhile, it's back to the next pile of fabric - my poor machine is probably looking forward to a nice rest over Christmas, especially after being put through its paces on that weekender!


  1. I love the bag. Look at the piping! It is so neat :D When it is complete, please post it to your blog. I would love to see.
    Nice combination of the fabrics for the organizers. Very nice! ;)

  2. Hi Helen,

    I know how it feels, the whole family has been ill especially the rascal. Poor girl had to miss her school trip to London Zoo.

    I agree with Kyoko that the fabrics you have chosen for the organisers are very pretty. I too would love to see the finished weekend bag.

    Take care,


  3. Oh, your mum's going to be delighted with such a fabulous bag, great fabrics.

  4. oooh you mixed and matched both fabrics! Nice! And your stitching is so jealousy inducing neat. She'll love it.
    hope everyone gets better soon!

  5. I don't tired myself saying you are perfect! Your mum's bag looks great, you are professional, that piping is perfect. I wish I were able to do something similar! and I just LOVE that second organizer!

  6. oooh you are further ahead than me and it all looks so LOVELY!!!! Well done! Hope you and the kids are all fighting fit by christmas. xx

  7. I hope the children are fit enough to be getting excited for Christmas that's always the fun part for me. The wide eyedness of it all.

    Love the christmas decorations - they'll look good on the tree.

    Moleskines are brilliant. Inspired mixing of those fabrics. Can't wait to see the weekender bag completed.

  8. Such lovely lovely tidbits. I just wanted to wish you a wonderful Christmas and Happy holidays. I am on a blog break beginning with today but wanted to make blog rounds with holiday wishes.

  9. Howdy, I just love that moleskin cover. I sent by brother a few moleskins for xmas - do you have a rough plan available? I like the style of the central panel too - will use that for tipi decoration too! Thanks, Richard


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