Monday, 19 January 2009


brought to you by the shove-it-in-and-hope-for-the-best school
of home management

I haven't forgotten about this blog, I've just become embroiled in a spot of not-quite-Spring cleaning. I love seeing blog posts where you get a snapshot of someone's home and it looks like something out of a magazine. I'm a little envious of these pristine interiors, well-ordered and beautiful spaces. I'd struggle to find a beautiful corner of my own home to photograph. I think it has potential, but that maybe I'm not the person who is ever going to realise that potential. A case in point: the drawer of doom

I started on this drawer yesterday. Inside, I found no less than 3 chargers for old mobile phones. And a lot of balloons. And pens. And, for some unfathomable reason, chocolate coins. I haven't finished yet. The chocolate coins slowed me down a little.

Now I know everyone says they have a drawer like this in their home, but the point is that for most people it's just a drawer whereas my whole house is filled with drawers and cupboards like this! This week, I've been trying to take the problem in hand and do a bit of clearing and re-organising. I'd love to be able to show some photos of progress, but as I took my usual approach of tackling all the rooms in the house simultaneously, things are going to get a great deal worse before they get better ... Have I mentioned that I'm not a very good housewife?

On the plus side, I did manage to ice the Christmas cake on twelfth night, so very much at the eleventh hour. I'm thinking of it as a New Year's cake, though the children did insist on the Christmas decorations.

I also made a birthday present for my sister, again very much at the eleventh hour, though it did arrive in time for her birthday. It's a jewellery roll in some of my favourite Amy Butler prints.

I'm planning on making some more of these for the shop in different fabrics, and I might write up a tutorial for the blog if anyone's interested.

Other than the jewellery roll, my sewing machine has been a bit neglected over the past couple of weeks. Sewing for me inevitably involves a lot of clutter and threads all over the house, so I'm trying to get on top of the house before I introduce even more mess! There's been quite a lot of knitting since Christmas, being a rather more self-contained craft.

My brother and his girlfriend gave me two gorgeous skeins of Manos del Uruguay silk blend for Christmas and I'm knitting a Clapotis wrap/scarf for myself.

It's grown quite a lot this week

... that'll be housework avoidance, then!


  1. Yes! i hear you... ALL my drawers look like this. especially in the studio.. everyone has one in th kitchen vicinity too dont they?

    And that scarf is utterly wonderous. it caused me to go. OMG! out loud!.

    Abi xxx

  2. The jewellery roll is lovely and the scarf is beautiful. I am not much of a knitter yet, but this might just be my year to learn properly!
    Oh, and my house looks like nothing you would ever see in a magazine, except as a "Before" shot!

  3. What! look at your clean floor, that is the only drawer like that in your house, I can tell. Was it eating the chocolate coins that slowed you up??? Your clapotis is a beauty

  4. Love the jewellery roll! My machine is sadly neglected as well, but there's nothing wrong with a break now and then...

    Your floor is really clean :) I am of your housewifely persuasion. I don't know how people manage to keep things clean and tidy. Perhaps they throw more stuff away.

  5. GREAT POST! round of applause! (and that's just for making me feel better about my slovenly ways)

    your house looks lovely, your clapotis looks gorgeous and please can I borrow your brother and his girlfriend next christmas - I need rellies like that

    beautiful yarn

    oh, I love the jewellry roll too, that's one of my fav fabrics also

  6. Hi Helen,

    Thanks for such a lovely post to read during my lunch hour. I think a house should be cozy and not too tidy. Kyoko popped over to mine once and it was a bit of a mess, especially the bedroom. Hee! Hee!

    I really like your scarve, the colour is very pretty, the jewlery case is lovely too.


  7. my drawer in the desk is like that (well lots of others too) but this one was SO jammed full that it got stuck and took me half an hour, and two broken nails (ouch)to get it open......

    but mine didn't have chocolate money in...........

  8. I just crop my photos so that the cr*p doesn't show!
    Love the jewellery roll, great fabric.

  9. WOW!! I love that jewelerry roll! yes please to a tutorial!! I've been thinking of making one myself as presents (have you seen my 'presents to do' list!!) xx

  10. I have a drawer in our house where we put stuff that doesn't seem to have another place to live. It looks quite like your drawer!

    I love the wrap you are making for yourself - it looks very snug and warm.


  11. I prefer you photo of a real drawer! Too many phots of beautiful houses! Lovely jewellry role. I want a tutorial on how you get it to look so lovely and neat!

  12. That's my kind of school! I would love to see a tutorial for that jewelry holder if you get the chance.

  13. Lord, me too helen! The trouble is I should be doing my first tax return so cleaning the house has suddenly become terribly important!!! No sewing at all...sigh xx

  14. I like the jewellery roll a lot it looks gorgeous (note I'm ignoring the drawer thingy)and that yarn looks beautiful to knit. (still not mentioning drawers.)

  15. Helen! I's so lovely to see you back - I was starting to worry about you. That's so funny, I have exactly the same with the chocolate coins - I always find them in kitchen cupboards with no idea how they got there...they are perhaps just too much work to unpeel, with too small an amount of chocolate at the end of the task.

    The jewellry roll is is your scarf. Good luck with the tidying. x

  16. I love your jewellery roll. Its fantastic.
    I have just spent the morning tidying my junk drawer and utensil drawer. It will stay tidy for about 5 mins.

  17. Hi Helen,

    It's me again. Just to let you know that I've given you two awards, have a look at my blog.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  18. That is such a lovely scarf; the color is scrumptious. I do like the jewelery roll. I purchased on like that a couple of years ago and love using it. Especially the piece where you put rings - most handy. I love Amy Butler fabric - impossible to get around here. And finally, I have several drawers like that; usually I start cleaning them and give up because I never seem to want to throw anything out!!

  19. Oh a girl after my own heart! Gorgeous scarf and jewellery roll - yes please to a tutorial!

  20. LOVE the jewelery roll!
    I tried making one but it looked all wrong once completed... Would love to see how you did yours.

    Thanks for the great post!


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