Sunday, 8 February 2009

snowy interlude

early morning view of the snow

We had a funny old week last week with about 6 inches of snow which lasted for much of the week. The transport system has been thrown into chaos, and as a result we had a whole 3 days off school. The children have been beside themselves with excitement making snowmen, throwing snowballs and tromping about in their wellies.

Some members of the household are thinking ahead to Spring though.

This is Tulip, my daughter's doll, modelling her new frock (pattern from the latest issue of Marie Claire Idées). Tulip has been such a big hit with my little girl since she unwrapped her on her 5th birthday. She's the perfect size for her to be able to dress and undress easily, and undoubtedly a more attainable role model than the traditional Barbie (no pneumatic blonde genes in our family!). The added bonus is that the Marie Claire Idées magazines have patterns for dolls' clothes to fit these Corolle Les Chéries dolls, so Tulip will be able to expand her wardrobe each season. My girl has requested shoes to match the dress next, so I'm going to have to tackle sewing on a very tiny scale!

I've a day of sewing planned tomorrow, assuming the children are back to school and playgroup, so I should hopefully have that jewellery roll tutorial I promised ready to post this week. That means a stack of ironing for me this evening - what fun!


  1. ooh... sewing teeny tiny shoes... sounds fun!

  2. That looks a lovely doll. Where did she come from? I love the idea of making tiny shoes.

  3. Love your daughter doll and you get the fun of making dresses for her too! Takes me back, I used to have so much fun making outfits and dressing up my dolls.

  4. Hello helen. Pretty snow picture. We only managed one day of heavy snow in Cornwall, but it was great fun. Desperate for Spring now though. All my girls love their dolls (even the older ones still have theirs and happily play with the little ones!). Great outfit though I can only imagine how fiddly such tiny sewing must be. Have a good week xx

  5. Hi Helen

    That doll is lovely - much prettier than Barbie and more easy to fit I should imagine!! x

  6. Hiya! Your husband must have enjoyed some time at home with you and the kids.

    Your daughter's doll is lovely. I want one....maybe I'll buy for my rascal when she turns 5 and then secretly play with it myself. Hee! Hee! The dress you made for Tulip is lovely. I need to make some new clothes for my monkey's a long story and I will blog about it later.


  7. How wonderful. Just love the dress you have made for the pretty doll. Your daughter has such a sweet heart. The shoes will be really exciting! You will soon have to make a matching clothes for your daughter too! I don't know how old your daughter is, but I recently bought a sewing book from for children's clothes (for my niece and nephew) and I think you will love this (ISBN 978-4-529-04526-1 TITLE: 女の子のおしゃれ服 春夏ワンピから、あったかコートまで)hopefully you can copy and past the title and find it!

  8. Oh we have a carolle doll too, although ours doesn't have all that lovely hair. They are the most lovely dolls and some of them come with vanilla scented heads, which is just so delicious.

    I love your dress and am obviously hugely admiring of your ability to do patterns in French.


  9. Ooh yes, as Florence says, the doll is vanilla scented, which is an added bonus!

    For those who are interested, she is a Corolle Les Cheries, bought here:

    The tiny shoes should be interesting - I'll hopefully be able to show and tell soon.

    Kyoko - lovely book! I have one Japanese pattern book already and the styles are gorgeous!

  10. Hi, i just found this entry through flickr. My daughter has a doll from the same line and so far i've just been winging it while sewing her clothes ( Would you mind telling me what issue of Idees this was, i'd like to buy it.. thanks!

  11. Hi Dinka!
    The pattern is from Marie Claire Idees Spring 2009 issue, though there have been other patterns in most of the other issues I've seen. They also publish a book of knitting and sewing patterns for that shape of doll which you can buy on their website.


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