Monday, 30 March 2009

Fabric and photos

This last week or so, I've finally been getting into a bit more of a routine with my sewing after a spell of accomplishing nothing much. I'm really enjoying the coin quilt. Progress is slow, but I like the fact that it's nice and methodical, something that I can pick up and work on for an hour and put down again without feeling I need to race through the whole thing. I'm generally a binge-sewer, so it's good to work at a slower pace sometimes. My coins are now pieced, so I need to decide on the finished size of the quilt before I go any further.

pieced coins

I've also been admiring my recent acquisitions from a fun day fabric shopping in London. I can now see why Ruth has been spending so much time in Fabrics Galore just lately! I came away with this stack of fabrics and was left wishing I'd bought more. I also discovered that it is physically impossible for me to buy less than a metre of anything; I did try to buy just a half metre of the first print on the table, but just felt I had to have a little extra, you know, just in case. The tweeds and green prints will be bags and moleskine organisers, but the two brighter prints are destined to become summer frocks for my girl.


I've cut out a bag from the green herringbone which will be lined with the lovely Liberty print though I've had to put that to one side until I buy some matching thread (why is it that there's always one essential item that's missing?).

Elsewhere this week, I've been having fun looking through my Dad's archive of old family photos. There are some hilarious ones over the years! Here I am in a favourite corduroy dress made by my mother with my most-requested loopy plaits hairstyle. Looking back at these photos I'm most impressed that my mother always seemed to have a set of matching hair accessories and ribbons for my outfit - I must try harder around here as I can never find a matching pair of anything in the mornings when I do my daughter's hair.



  1. What a sweet photo of you when you were young. I was a bit of tom boy and never had plaits in my hair.

    Hey, I recognise that green flower fabric. Hee hee hee! It is lovely. I need to go to Fabrics Galore one day, but must find space for storage.

  2. Love your stack of fabrics. So pretty...

  3. Hi Helen. Good to see you back. Lovely fabric stash and can just see the little girl's dresses. Desperate to do sewing for the house and family as opposed to the business just now! xx

  4. Oooh, the coin quilt looks wonderful! I love it. x

  5. That quilt is going to be beautiful. I want to make one one day!

  6. love your fabrics, especially the Liberty print. The quilt is looking fabulous too, great colours.

  7. Oooooooooh! those fabrics are gorgeous!!!! (do you think they have any stretch drill in that shop? I am lookng for some, and found some online at MacCulloch and Wallace but they are charging a death defying £7.50 + VAT for postage!!!!!! which is more than postage from the U.S!!) ...

  8. I'm loving that pink and green combo - I've just been putting very similar coloured fabrics together for my latest freelance project. Must be something in the local water!


  9. The quilt is going to be so nice! And I am envious of the fabrics. I am itching to sew something... something about the onset of spring (although it is snowing right now) that makes me want to sew rather than knit.

  10. The photo is so sweet! The dress your mother made, is amazing :D
    My mum was not very good at plaits so she could never really do one for me so I generally kept my hair bob style!
    Fabric galore sounds really fun! I must go ;)

  11. The quilt is looking lovely - the pink and green look very fresh together. I know what you mean about the fabric shopping - you never know when you might just want that extra bit!

  12. p.s. love the Pippi Longstocking hair!

  13. The fabrics in your coin quilt look so lovely together.

    I'm admiring your recent acquisitions, too - now, why can't I find any Liberty fabric in shops around here??


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