Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Easter holiday fun

Easter picture
an Easter scene by the girl

Well, dunce that I am, I've just accidentally posted a rambling half-soaked draft of this post and then had to delete it - time to start again!

We're having a lovely Easter holiday. The fortnight since my last post has been spent largely gardening and Spring cleaning, and the place is beginning to look all the better for it. The boy's bedroom has been vastly improved with some new ikea flat pack furniture, cunningly making it look slightly less like the tiny boxroom it really is. We've also finally cleared our own room after having carpets fitted over a month ago. My rationale was that if we left all the under-bed storage boxes along with the plastic-bagged contents of our broken chest of drawers in the middle of the room, we'd be forced to sort it out, rather than just put it all back where it came from. Apparently, my tolerance for a junk-filled room is better than I thought, 5 weeks on. It was time to take matters in hand though, before the local press came round to write an article about the family who had to tunnel their way through their own rubbish! Now I can actually see the new carpet, which is nice, though I am concerned it will mean I have to hoover more.

This weekend has been spent having Eastery fun, with much chocolate eating. I wonder though whether I am the only mother in the country who tries to cajole one of her children into eating chocolate. The boy, who is a bit on the stubborn side like his daddy, resolutely refuses to even try chocolate, in spite of my best efforts. He doesn't eat biscuits or cake either, though his sister more than makes up for him! We did have a minor breakthrough the other day though, when he ate a jaffa cake, so progress has been made.

Other than household chores and simultaneously trying to bribe one child into eating chocolate whilst stopping the other from overindulging, I've also been grabbing some time to sew. The coin quilt is coming along nicely now that I've added some white sashing.


I'm toying with the idea of free motion quilting after seeing Florence's lovely bird and flower applique as I'm a little bored with straight up and down lines. I saw this excellent post over at Oh, Fransson!, which is really helpful, though I think I'm going to need a lot more practice before launching into a whole quilt. If anyone has some tips, please do share them!

I seem to be on a bit of a green phase at the moment, judging by the projects I've been working on - I used my very last scraps of green for the Chinese coin quilt stacks, and though I was itching to buy more, I resisted, as the whole point for me was to make it from scraps. That said, I couldn't not buy the lovely green herringbone tweed and liberty tana lawn I saw in Fabrics Galore, which became this shoulder bag:

green tweed and liberty tana lawn

There was also the lovely furnishing weight fabric in taupe with a flash of lime green that became this big pleated bag:

new bag in limey green and taupe

Maybe it's something to do with all that time spent in the garden?

I'll leave you with this gem of a reader tip from Prima Magazine ('your top tips for March', so sorry it's a little late). I can't read this without laughing out loud. Is it just me?

from Prima magazine 'your top tips for March'

At £25 a pop, I'm considering writing in with one of my own about how to persuade your previously resistant-to-chocolate child to eat a jaffa cake.


  1. Helen, the bags are amazing! I can't believe quite how busy you've been.

    We are so from different pods on the carpet thing - how were you not so excited about how lovely and fresh everything would look that you weren't compelled to clear junk immediately? Thank goodness it never got to the tunnelling stage - i've just read an article in the paper about people who do that - it sounds like going to bed could have been a little exhausting.

    Thank you for the Fransson link too - I have currently got not further with things and seem to be having a sewing-free week....x

  2. Won't eat chocolate! What is wrong with the boy? Mind you I have a son who likes to eat raw broccoli so go figure.

    Coin quilt is coming along nicely - your link to the free motion quilting tutorial is timely. I'm just making a baby size quilt for the baby and was thinking about quilting it in that fashion. Having read the tutorial maybe not such a good idea considering this is my first attempt at a quilt! Think I'll need a bit more practise before I attempt that one!

  3. That 'top tip' is hilarious! What a load of nonsense!

    I love the tweedie bag, and your quilt is making me want to jump on the coin quilt train!


  4. Love the shoulder bag and your quilt is looking beautiful.

    I like the top tip ! Can you imagine how frustrating that would be for a 'learner reader' - the subtitles would have diappeared long before the decoding was finished.....

  5. I love the bags Helen.....very nice indeed. I'm glad you had a productive Easter and well done for clearing your bedroom.

    Also could I swap my Rascal for you boy? Hee hee hee... she eats too much chocolates and we got told off by our dentist. My husband is very much like your son....he doesn't eat much chocolates, sweets and cakes. I could be a boy/male thing.

    Nice quilt!


  6. Lovely shoulder bag Helen. I am on a bit of spring cleaning, decluttering mission too - when I can peel myself off the computer that is...!

  7. I love your quilt. I am making my forst and enjoying it, although my knitters hands find sewing gives me sore fingers!

  8. gorgeous sewing! you might try crazy mom quilts for more fm tips.
    love the chocolate story, my children are very much of the eat chocolate at every given chance.......

  9. Great bags! I have a child who can have a tiny amount of chocolate and just leave the rest for months on end, well thats if she didn't have a mother or father who finishes it for her!

  10. You have made two wonderful bags! Love the tweed fabric.
    My friend's daughter is a little bit like your son. She only eats savory things and doesn't like chocolate. It made me smile to read about the jaffa cake! :D

  11. Such lovely bags. Maybe you are into green because it's spring. I really need to spring clean as well. My house is a mess.

  12. Great bags Helen. Sounds as though you have had a really busy holiday. Off to have a look at the link now x


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