Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Introducing Kiwi

cat 009

Meet the newest member of our household, Kiwi the cat! The children have been asking for a pet for ages, and having grown up with a menagerie myself I've always been keen for them to have pets of their own. So last weekend, after a call from the lovely people at Battersea to say they might have a suitable cat for us, we went into London to meet Kiwi, a 1 year old black cat. She's a tiny little thing, and ever so sweet, and after a couple of hours hiding underneath the sofa, she seems to be settling into family life well.

My daughter, a regular Rolf Harris (can you tell what it is yet?), dashed off this lovely cat portrait on the back of the box the scratching post came in (it's like that when artistic inspiration strikes - who wants to wait to find paper?).

Delyth's portrait of the cat

Kiwi has spent a lot of time in high places ...


... and tight spaces (her favourite, wedged underneath my daughter's bed on top of the guest bed underneath which necessitates some very comical flat-cat crawling).

favourite place

She's such a character and can do a 2 second dash from here to the kitchen, turning on a sixpence and skidding across our laminate flooring if she hears any possible signs of food cupboards being opened.

The children are utterly smitten. She's such a lovely companion, curling up with us on the sofa in the evenings, in between frenzied bouts of catnip fish-killing. It remains to be seen how she reacts to reels of cotton and balls of wool!


  1. ahhh, kiwi is so sweet, and I love that you rescued her too. My mellie cat was rescued from a family who split up and didn't want her anymore. I don't know how people can do that - it's a good job there are kind hearted people like us around to rescue moggies and give them a good loving home.


  2. oh so sweet, we have two rescue cats and they were just the same, hiding one minute, desperate for food the next - they ate a freshly baked lemon cake once.......
    laminate floors make for great cat skid pans don't they, ours are constantling skidding across in hot pursuit of a ping pong ball. x

  3. Oh she's so CUTE!! how lucky that she ended up with you. xx

  4. Ah She's gorgeous. Cats can be endlessly entertaining. So, tell us, have you found out what she thinks to cotton reels and balls of wool yet? Cats craddle (the game) is called that for a reason you know!

  5. what a cutie! congratulations on the newest member!

  6. What a sweetie. I'm sure she'll love her new home.

    My husband's allergic to cats, so no moggies for us.

  7. Kiwi is lovely. Our cat soent his first few days behind the washing machine, he is better now though. We got him from a cat rescue place too.

  8. Hello to cute. You are so kind, I don't understand how some people can be so irresponsible by abandoning their cats. I'm glad Kiwi has a lovely place to stay and with kind people of course.

    Have a lovely half term break.


  9. Aaww, love Kiwi! It is so wonderful that you have rescued her. Lucky Kiwi :D
    She is such a beautiful kitty cat. Oh if possible I would be rescuing 1000s of cats (It's difficult for flat living). The drawing by your daughter is absolutely great. She is a real artist! :D Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. That is such a cute cat. Love her!!!

  11. she looks absolutly adorable!


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