Friday, 29 May 2009

Recipe for a happy cat


fabric offcut and thread
dried catnip
length of grosgrain ribbon

1) Take one offcut of fabric (mine is Amy Butler furnishing weight fabric), fold in half right sides together and pin,
2) Freehand a fish shape with some tailor's chalk or a fabric marker.


3) Insert your long length of grosgrain ribbon at the mouth of the fish, long ends inside so that it will be stitched through when you sew around the fish. Sew around the fish shape leaving a couple of inches open to turn.


4) Cut away or pink the excess fabric around 5 mm from the stitching line, clipping corners.


5) Turn right side out and stuff with a mixture of dried catnip and rice - not too full as the fish is much more pleasingly floppy (and lighter to throw around if you are a cat) if you don't overfill it. Pin the opening shut.


6) Either hand sew the turning gap, or topstitch around the entire fish as close to the edge as possible, closing the turning gap in the process.


Set your camera on its fastest shutter speed then snap your kitty as she snaps at the fish.



Back soon with some non-cat related blogging! I don't think, for example, I have mentioned the fun I've been having with this yet ...


  1. Oh what a fabulous idea! If only we hadn't imposed a limit on catnip time recently - it seems it can affect toms more than girls, and Bert goes so crazy it terrifies poor Charlie (and me to be honest). Very nice use of the scrap basket though :)

  2. oh how cute, we put some catnip in a sock to make a quick toy recently and it was a disaster, they ripped open the sock and there was catnip everywhere......

  3. catnip is wild stuff... look at the crazed look in your moggies eyes!

  4. Brilliant, do you think it works for manic puppies?

  5. what a fab fishy toy! You must be having lots of fun too with your overlocker.

  6. Great idea! My aunties cats would love this!

  7. Aaaww, that is so cute! Apparently response to cat nip is genetic. Kumo and Wata respond to certain type but not others (I don't know the difference.. may be some are fake?!). Kiwi is so cute.

  8. Thank you for that little tutorial, my cat would love the fishy!

  9. Lovely fabric fun. We have catnip growing in the garden..... least we did until the neighbourhood cats found it. Poor things, looked half crazed, so I don't think I'll plant any more. I can't wait to hear about your overlocker fun!


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