Saturday, 13 June 2009

This week's bag

I've been working on a custom order this week after receiving my first ever 'alchemy' request on Etsy. One of the things I love about etsy is the extras that make shopping a bit more fun, like alchemy, the time machine, and treasuries. I always seem to enjoy custom work more than anything else - not least because it means I can shop for more fabric in the customer's choice of colours - always fun!

Bag in olive green

The customer chose this lovely bold Amy Butler print in olive green, so I bought the co-ordinating lighter olive shade from the Amy Butler solids range to line it. I'm totally sold on these fabrics - the colours are beautiful and they have a really lovely handle.

This was my first foray into a zipped closure for a shoulder bag, so I toyed with a few different ways of doing it, and had been about to make a zipped facing for the opening of the bag when I remembered Lisa's tutorial from a little while ago. This is a great method and gives a lovely neat look at the top of the bag. The only change I made was to extend the closed end of the zip beyond the length of the zip casings and add a little fabric tab as I wanted the bag to be open as widely as possible. I also added double lines of topstitching, partly due to my obsession with reinforcing seams, and partly as I just plain love topstitching.

zipped opening

The bag also included a zipped pocket inside, a divided patch pocket and a key fob.

pockets and key fob

There must be something about the weather at the moment as I've had a small flurry of custom requests with another two to be getting on with over the coming week. I'm very happy to be getting on with plenty of sewing - that's the other great thing about custom orders, they stop me from procrastinating!


  1. What a fab handbag, love the zip extension too.

  2. it's gorgeous, how clever are you ! xox

  3. It's a beauty. Your customer is bound to love it.

    Maybe if I ever get more skillful, I'll start to like topstitching. I don't think I'll ever love it...

  4. Helen, it's gorgeous! You clever thing - and horay for all those orders...I can only imagine the steam that will be rising from your sewing machine during nursery hours! x

  5. THat's a great bag Helen! Your customer will love it! x

  6. Thats lovely! Custom orders always scare me a bit but I like doing them!

  7. The bag is really lovely! It looks very well made and quite complex :D Your customer will definitely love it.

  8. you are a sewing genius - that looks beautiful : )

  9. Lovely bag! And very nice work on the zip - your customer is going to love it.

  10. I am the customer and I loved it! It did everything I wanted it to and looks so beautiful. The stitching is so neat and makes the whole thing look very professional. It makes me smile every time I use it!


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