Saturday, 4 July 2009


I seem to have been accumulating lovely things left right and centre just lately. First of all, I won a pattern for these fab snooks daisy fingerless mitts from the very talented alabamawhirly in her blog giveaway. Naturally, that meant shopping for some gorgeous hand dyed yarn from SkeinQueen's online shop, which I stalked all last Wednesday evening in the hope of buying something before it all sold out. I struck lucky and managed to buy some olive snook for the mitts, as well as 2 skeins of lustrous 2ply silk in cloudy skies to knit this shawl.


Then there were these vintage buttons which I am determined to actually use (I know, revolutionary or what?) rather than just hoarding and admiring them.


I also visited Heidi Burton's amazing etsy shop and bought this illustration print (for me, because this makes me smile so much) and greetings card (for a knitterly friend with a birthday).

fabulousness from heidiburton

It's been a very good week for post.


  1. Nice acquisitions! Gosh, these yarn look really tempting. I recently bought a skein of lace weight yarn. It has been taking a while to arrive and I can't wait to knit with it.
    These vintage buttons are so beautiful. Oh, I really love Heidi's illustrations. Great stuff! Hope you have a great weekend.


  2. I'm loving that cloudy skies and the olive snooks squash is so lovely and eats up the knitting quickly - I'm off to check out heidi's shoppe!

  3. Very nice things you have aquired, I love th eyarn colours.

  4. Oh dear, Blogger just ate my message!

    Will try again:

    Thanks so much for featuring the post you received from me (and on Flickr)! Hopefully a very lazy postperson will deliver that other envelope to you one day. Cheers also for the heads-up about my broken link :)

    The yarn looks lovely, beautifully photographed! Your bro knows about my love of all BUTTONS, they look great! Well it is more of a button fetish hehe.


  5. Some pretty nice loot you got yourself there!

  6. GOsh, such lovely things in this post. The yarn is beautiful and I LOVE the buttons - so nice!


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