Saturday, 11 July 2009

Busy week

Just about to kick back with a glass of wine and a film at the end of a busy week. When I'm tired, I tend to just ramble on incoherently, which doesn't bode too well for this post, so I'm aiming for lots of pictures and not too many words!

We're approaching the end of term here, with all the sports days, visits to new schools and events that entails. I'm still holding on to the possibly unrealistic idea that I will be making all the teacher gifts this year - that will happen tomorrow, or not at all. It doesn't help that I'm procrastinating over whether to make tote bags, make up bags or lavender bags, never mind the choice of fabrics.

Bag week never quite happened, so I still have a pile of bag innards, zips and handles sitting half-finished. I've made some progress on the quilts though. Having finally located a bright white cotton to match the one I'd started with (amazing how many shades of 'white' there are!), I added the last pieces of sashing to the coin quilt. I also finished piecing the boy's quilt top.

Batting has been purchased - I have both warm and natural and hobbs heirloom, so I'll be interested to see how they compare.

I've also been making birthday gifts of the last minute and belated variety. A little tote bag for a little girl aged 2 in two prints from Tanya Whelan's Darla collection, and a pear pincushion in freshcut and Amy Butler greens (from the fantastic tutorial at UK lass in US).

There was also a custom order for a notebook laptop case, now on its way to its new owner.

Tomorrow holds in store a trip to ikea - I've finally made the decision to set up a little sewing area in the bedroom. Hoping this will lead to greater productivity and a tidier living area as my sewing machine moves upstairs, though probably it will just lead to a messier bedroom.


  1. Your sewing all looks beautiful. I can't believe its nearly the summer hols already.

  2. Hello Helen,
    Just found your blog today and it's really fun. Nice to find other sewers in the UK. I don't think you have a follower function, do you? I shall save your site into my favorites.

  3. I love that pear pin cushion - perfect - thank you : )

  4. What a productive week - I wish I had so much to show for my time! You have made some really lovely things.

    Pomona x

  5. The end of term rushes in so fast!

  6. Hope you had a good weekend and had fun at Ikea. Gosh, there are so much to buy from there! Oh, I love the quilts. It looks wonderful. I bet it was difficult to sew the pear pin cushion? But it looks excellent :D
    Hope you are having a good week.

  7. love those quilts - I have some of that letter fabric you posted about earlier -it's fab...hope you are all well...

  8. Hello Hellen,

    I lurk around your site but have never commented- shame on me! I love your sewing.

    I thought it might be worth suggesting that you look at the robot pillows on this blog:
    I thought of your son's quilt top when I saw them.

    Please let us all know about the quilt waddings. I have almost finished my daughter's quilt top and I am not sure which wadding to use.


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