Friday, 17 July 2009

Friday evening

End of the week and end of the Summer term for us here. I can't believe how quickly the children are growing up - it'll be year 1 for the girl and nursery for the boy in September. Really shocking - where did that year go? Tomorrow is the first day of the Summer holidays, and with a teacher husband, that means lots of skiving off and sewing time for me.

I went to Ikea last Sunday with my crafty partner in crime (also shopping for a sewing table!) and have now set up my little sewing corner courtesy of Vika and Bertil, my two new friends. I also have designs on Billy the bookcase (just out of shot to the side of the sewing table) who would look perfect stacked with fabrics with a new glass door fitted to the front, but that will have to wait for a future trip. I did take a picture of the room in all its glory, but ducked out of posting it as it revealed too much clutter (as well as a glass of white wine on the ironing board :D), but here's a view of the new table:

my new workspace

I want to give that corkboard a makeover with some paper or fabric, then find some wooden spool racks to hang up, but it's a start.

I've already found that a dedicated work area leads to greater efficiency - it's great to have everything set up and ready to go so that I can take advantage of those spare 5 minutes in the day to sew the odd seam. This batch of bags that had been lurking half-sewn have now been finished and added to the shop.

A batch of new bags

I also made some tote bags as teacher gifts for my daughter to take into school.

teacher totes

We did have a small debacle when she declared that she wanted to take wine and chocolates instead, but we reached a compromise with the bags taken in and a box of chocolates for the staff to share.

The house is strangely quiet this evening apart from the snores of the small boy in the room next door, so I suspect the husband may be catching 40 winks at the end of a busy term (oh and maybe the fact it was his work night out last night might have something to do with it). Looks like I'm on dinner duty, so I'm off to investigate the contents of the fridge.


  1. I love the bags! And your teacher's presents are much better than mine, I think - and funnily enough, I blogged about mine yesterday! It's that time of year.

    Pomona x

  2. Hi there I dont think I have commented on your lovely blog before, not sure why but I do get sidetracked easily! lol

    I know what you mean by how the time goes, by little ones are at the same stages as your two, eldest will be in year one next term and youngest will start nursery. How did that happen?

    Love the bags they are lovely. Have to say I wasnt so brave and have opted for a hanging cushion and chocs to share instead.

    I love your sewing area too and I coveted the Billy bookcase system also but for my dining room to house my ever growing book collection.

    Will visit again have a great weekend.


  3. I'm sure your lovely handbags will fly out of the shop.
    Don't the years go by quickly, my oldest will be in Year 6 in September, only seems two seconds since her first day.

  4. Lovely table, and I do like those bags too.

  5. Ahhh school holidays, are we emotional at the though of another year over or 6 weeks with more children around! Lovely sewing space.

  6. Fab work space - I have that table top and legs too. So handy aren't they?

    I can't believe you made those gorgeous bags as gifts for the teachers - you are lovely!

  7. Gorgeous Sewing space. Lovely teacher presents.... bags and chocolates I think you really spoiled them. All we need now is for the weather to cheer up so we can all fit in some lovely summer picnics and time away before September arrives....

  8. Such awesome bags!!! I wish I was a teacher. I love your sewing entire sewing room is Ikea. I love it.

  9. Hi, I write from Italy... I love all of yours sewing's creations! your bags is wonderful!!!

    I have a blog and I had written a post about you :D

    bye bye Laura


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